Everything You Should Know Before Vaping CBD Oil


Vaping has emerged as one of the most popular ways of using CBD Oil. With such a diverse range of products available, it is essential to know which of them are actually suitable for vaping and how you can verify the quality. Here is a complete guide that covers important things you should know about buying CBD vape oil and using it wisely. 

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in hemp, a kind of cannabis plant. This compound is known for its therapeutic effects and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. CBD Oil offers a wide range of benefits to provide relief from various symptoms associated with health conditions like pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression and epilepsy. It is possible to infuse cannabidiol into different products like edibles, vape juice, capsules, creams and tinctures. 

What is CBD Oil?


Commonly referred to as hemp oil, CBD oil is used orally for a wide range of health conditions. It contains other oils like coconut and is not suitable for inhaling. Studies suggest that inhaling such oils can pose health risks such as pneumonia. Tinctures are intended for ingestion and there is a difference between tinctures and vape oils. Let us consider some CBD oil types appropriate for vaping. 

Cartridges – These are disposable e-cig tanks that contain CBD vape juice. They operate with the help of batteries and allow vaping. You can also find cartridges like pods that work with popular devices such as JUUL. 

Vape Juice – The oil made for vaping is often referred to as CBD vape juice. It is made using food-grade ingredients and can be consumed orally. It is different from tincture oils. You can look for products that read as vape juice, e-juice, e-liquid or vaping oil and should be free of any oils. 


The Ideal Dosage

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ dosage when it comes to cannabidiol. The ideal dosage depends on a variety of factors including one’s body weight, tolerance, age and the symptoms he is willing to treat. Moreover, every individual has a different metabolism and endocannabinoid function which results in different results of cannabidiol consumption for different people. A CBD vape cartridge that contains 100mg of cannabidiol typically provides 1-2mg per puff. When you use a CBD vape pen, you may consume a little more per puff, depending on which device you use and how strong the vape juice is. The perfect way to find your ideal dosage is to start slow and increase gradually until you start finding positive effects on your symptoms. One can take an average of 10-30mg cannabidiol per day. Patients suffering from serious issues like inflammation and chronic pain take as much as 1000 mg in a day. 

Side Effects of Vaping CBD

While more research is required to explain the side effects of CBD, a study conducted recently concluded that there are only a few known side effects associated with cannabidiol. Vaping is actually one of the most effective and safe delivery methods for those who are keen on benefitting from the therapeutic effects of CBD. Mild drowsiness is one of the commonly stated side effects of cannabis. This is usually seen in beginners and subsides with daily use. While high doses can cause such side effects, low to medium doses actually produce the opposite effect. CBD vapes actually calm and relax the mind and body and increase alertness. Compared to the side effects of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, the side effects of this compound are far less profound. 

Can You Get High By Vaping?


Vaping cannabidiol oil does not cause any psychoactive effects unless it contains THC in a high amount. In most cases, the CBD oil intended for inhalation is derived from industrial hemp plant. It contains only trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) which is not enough to get you high. A wide variety of THC-free CBD vape juices are available to choose from. 

Can You Overdose on It?

According to the Americans for Safe Access, there has never been any documented case of fatality resulting from an overdose of cannabis or its components. Research shows that cannabidiol is quite low in toxicity. A study suggests that human beings should consume a hundred times of the average daily CBD dose in a quite short period of time to experience the risk of overdosing. It is unlikely that somebody can take sufficient of the compound to feel lethal consequences. 

Is it Legal or Illegal?

Cannabidiol extracted from hemp is legalized at the federal level and many states allow the use without considering it a crime. Some states still restrict the use as they consider CBD oil with other cannabis products. To use cannabidiol products in these states, you should get a prescription from the doctor. If you live in states where the use of cannabis is legal, you can buy products that contain less than 0.3 percent of THC. The 2018 Farming Act removed the DEA’s authority on hemp and transformed it into a commodity instead of a Schedule 1 drug. The use of THC and cannabis is still illegal in about 40 states. 

Where Should You Buy CBD Products?


It is really important to make sure you get CBD products from reputed brands. If you don’t get the product from a trustworthy source, there is no way to know what you are getting. Reputable manufacturers and sellers focus on providing comprehensive information about their products and the ingredients. They also have professional customer reviews. Such brands also provide lab test reports on their website. While vaping is not the only way to consume cannabidiol, it is one of the best. There are alternatives like drinks, tinctures, edibles, capsules and isolate powders which can be consumed in different ways to experience the benefits of cannabidiol for various health conditions. Learn more about CBD Oil and other products at BWell Market. Remember that it is advisable to do some research about the products and brands before you give it a try.