Everything You Need To Know About Emgality

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Emgality is a prescription medication that is aimed at providing you with migraine-free days. Based on a 6-month study conducted on adults who had 4-14 migraine days a month, the following was the result:

During the first 3 months, the study was conducted on adults with over 15 headaches a month and was found that over 28% of the adults who took Emgality got their migraine reduced to half or even lesser in comparison with 15% who took a Placebo.

Outcome: Emgality cut migraine days in half or even lesser for about 60% of people who took it vs 39% of people who took a Placebo.

For another 3 months, the study was conducted on adults with over 15 headaches a month and was found that people who were migraine-free during an average month failed to feel the difference between Emgality and a Placebo.

Outcome: A migraine-free month is possible for about 12% and 16% on an average based on their respective studies vs 6% of people who took a Placebo.

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Emgality Purpose and Safety Summary

Emgality comes in the form of injection and is also known as galcanezumab-gnlm.

Emgality is a prescription medication aimed at providing adults migraine-free days or as a preventive treatment of migraine mainly in adults. The medication needs to be taken only once a month.

Emgality Warnings

Emgality is reported to have caused allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, if your doctor prescribes Emgality, let him/her that you are allergic to galcanezumab-gnlm.

The reactions caused may include rash, itching, hives, and even trouble breathing. Well, you may experience an allergic reaction after taking it for a long time and not instantly. In case you experience any of the below-given symptoms due to an allergic reaction, make sure you immediately call your healthcare provider (doctor) or seek emergency medical help.

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  1. Swelling of your
  • Tongue,
  • Mouth,
  • Face,
  • Throat.
  1. Shortening of breath

Emgality Common Side Effects

A common Emgality side effect is the injection site reaction. However, this is not the only side effect of Emgality and there could be many more, based on how your body reacts to the medication. In case you experience any unusual change in your body that makes you doubt it, do speak to your doctor about it.

Things to do Before Taking Emgality

There are a fair number of chances that you have not been prescribed Emgality by your doctor. However, make sure you speak with your doctor before taking it and discuss the following:

  • Whether you have an existing condition
  • Tell your doctor about any other medication you are taking including some over-the-counter meds, any herbal supplements, and vitamins.
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Also, tell your doctor

  • If you are pregnant/breastfeeding
  • If you are under 18 years of age because Emgality may not be good for children

Instructions on Taking Emgality

  • Before you take your first dose, make sure you carefully read the instruction manual that comes along with the prefilled pen or injection. This information will help you how and where to store the medication, prepare and even how to inject Emgality.
  • If your doctor has prescribed you Emgality, make sure you follow the instructions given to you by him or her.
  • In case you miss a dose, make sure to take it as soon as you remember it. Consider this your actual date of dose and take your next dose after 30 days.

Emgality is safe to be used by adults only. If you are to take Emgality, your first dose should be a loading dose of 240 mg. Alternatively, it can be 2 injections of 120 mg each. You can take your dose under the supervision of your doctor initially and then can take it on your own.

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For some people who took Emgality, it has been proven to reduce the average monthly headaches while for others, it has been proven to reduce the migraine days to as little as 1 per month after the first dose.

For your convenience, Emgality is provided in the form of a self-injectable pen that anyone can use at their home as well.

Based on multiple studies conducted by the manufacturer itself, 94% of people found that Emgality easy to be injected even at the first use. Besides, 96% of people were found to be confident about taking Emgality on their own.

Steps to Inject Emgality Pen

If you are the first-timer, ask your healthcare provider to give you an injection demo. Before you start, make sure to leave the injection at room temperature for at least 30 minutes. You must wash your hands, select an injection site and wipe it with a wipe.

Once it is dried, you are good to go. Do not remove the cap of the injection in advance but right before you are ready to inject.

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  1. You need to twist the base cap and throw it away. Make sure not to try and put the base cap back on, as the needle could be damaged. Also, do not try to touch the needle.
  2. Place the injection at the clear base firmly and simply unlock the pen.
  3. Now, you need to press and hold the teal button and listen to a loud click. Do not lift the pen from the injection site. You will again hear a click sound that signifies the complete dose has been delivered.

Things to Remember when taking Emgality: The Recap

  1. If you are taking Emgality for the first time, talk to your doctor about giving you a demo for helping you prepare for the injection.
  2. Do leave the pen at the room temperature for at least 30 minutes before taking the injection.
  3. Do not expose the pen to hot water, direct sunlight and avoid shaking/microwaving the pen.
  4. You can take the injection in your abdomen but at least 2 inches above the belly button or in front of your thighs at least 2 inches above your knees.
  5. You can ask someone to give you the injection in the back of your buttocks or arm.
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Final Words!

Emgality is often recommended to people with frequent headaches of migraine. Taking the injection is all that matters, as this medication has significant proven results.