Everything About Fantasy Cricket 2024

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Fantasy cricket has become a fad and reached its peak in all these years. Cricket fans love playing these games as it boosts their skills and understanding of the game. You can also win money and prizes playing these games. Pick from many matches and tournaments when you play daily fantasy cricket with Gamezy.com. That is a real game that you can play with real players virtually. Earn points, rewards, gifts, etc. and enjoy playing these games on your devices.

Basic rules of the game

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All the rules of playing cricket are the same, but in fantasy cricket, you get to choose the players as well as the games. That gives you a lot of time to plan a strategy and device a good game plan for any matches or tournaments you play. You earn points and money as you play the game.

Choose a legal website or app

You can choose the best app for playing fantasy cricket and download it onto your device. These are free to register, and you can read the rules and guidelines before you choose any website or app for playing these games.

Choosing a team

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There are many online fantasy cricket tips that you can choose from for selecting teams. You can select the right players who have a good track record when you play these games. You gain full control over selecting players as well as create a game plan to win the game. You have the independence to choose how much money you will invest in these games.

Point system

All the players, tasks, and operations inside the game are assigned points. You have to choose the right players, matches, and strategies to score more points. Points are increases as well as deduced as per the performance, runs, strikes, wickets, runs, etc. Understand the point distribution system when you want to play these games.

Types of contests

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There are umpteen types of games and contests you can choose from. You must know which game and match to choose for winning money and points. Some games involve two players or multiple players. There are also medium contests as well as mega contests you can choose from.


You have to use hunches as well as strategy to win games and choose teams. There are a lot of predictions you must be able to make for various scenarios. When you have all the data you need, you can make the right decision.


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These games are considered to be legal, but you must check for the legality of the games for your state. These are deemed as a game of skill and not a game of chance though money is involved. Choose legitimate sites when you have to start playing these games.

Nothing can exceptionally be more beautiful to watch on the cricket field than to see a batsman in full stream. Indeed, even world-class bowlers have confessed to being overpowered when they know a batsman was going all out. The batsman must have legal information and all the batting tips that he can grasp. The capacity of a batsman is shown if he knows all the cricket betting tips. The genuine trial of the character that batsman experiences are in the test matches, where the batsman needs to remain at the wrinkle as far as might be feasible. Know more tips about How to be Good Batsman from here!

Tips on How to be Good Batsman

Footwork is the most important part of batting, and a batsman must have magnificent footwork to play different kinds of shots. So if you are dreaming of one day becoming like any of these incredible players, you doubtlessly know where to start now. That is only the beginning. It is one of the essential parts of How to be Good Batsman.

Great Footwork

One of the real advantages of having decent footwork is that it enables you to time the ball exceptionally well and place the ball superbly in the holes. Legitimate footwork empowers you to be in the best position to hit any ball impeccably with your cricket bat. The timing of your shots likewise ends up idealize if you have decent and appropriate footwork and sound strategy.

Perfect Grip

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A batsman must have the ideal grasp to have the capacity to play every one of the strokes appropriately. The perfect grasp on the bat must be both the hands together at the handle of the bat. Ensure that your hold is neither too free nor too tight. The right grasp enables you to bat with energy and additionally does not confine you from playing any of the shots. So deal with the grip and check whether you have to make any changes in your existing hold.

Think More

Batting is one of the most exciting components of a cricket coordinate. One method for perfecting your batting is through playing each ball according to its legitimacy. It isn’t conceivable each time for a Good Fast Bowler to ball six great shots in an over, and likewise, it is exceptionally uncommon that you will get six awful shots in an over. Keep in mind that it takes only one great ball to get you out.

Watch the Ball

Continue watching the ball in the bowler’s hand till the ball is conveyed. If you follow this carefully, you can without much of a stretch, find out what kind of shot the bowler is going to carry. If you do this, then you can be set up in advance to confront the type of ball being rocked the bowling alley to you and then change your footwork and shots accordingly. Follow these and become an expert on How to be Good Batsman!


That is the information you need to know before getting started on playing these games. You can learn a great deal about the game, win prizes, and rewards as well. It is an excellent platform for cricket lovers.