Essential Tips Every Newbie Sports Bettor Needs to Know


Although anyone can become an online sports bettor by investing a small sum in the bookmaker’s website, you will have to undergo a learning journey to become successful. If you are a beginner then you need to be well versed with winning strategies and implement them while placing your bet to maximize your earnings. If you have basic knowledge about online sports betting, and how things work, ways to place bets, etc, then it is the right time for you to learn the following things before setting foot in the betting industry:

Don’t bet on every single game

If you are a go-getter and you have the potential to win in every situation, then sports betting might be your kind of thing. However, no matter how ambitious you are it is not recommended to start placing bets on every single upcoming game you come across on the bookmaker sites. Contrary to popular opinion, your chances of winning will not increase if you end up placing wagers on every match of every sport. While the eagerness to win more is always welcoming, you should not force your betting opportunities. If you are trying to get action out from every game you are accepting failure, because you are not going to derive value from every match.

Don’t believe in lock

You might find bettors setting out a large sum of money from their bankroll to invest in a match and they justify their move by calling their bets a ‘lock. In reality, lock bets are not as common as you think them to be, and thus don’t lose all your earnings by blindly following them. Whenever a bet is predicted to make it as a winner, it is called a lock bet. No matter how great the track record of a team is, there is still a probability of it losing a match. Sports are highly unpredictable and crazy and we have seen underdogs making an unexpected move when only a few seconds of the game is left, so you just cannot know what is going to happen. It is advisable to stick to your rules and not inflate your bet size on a game just because you think that this is a lock bet.

Don’t fret about your losses

Although it is easier said than done, losses are a part of every betting game and, if you are super excited about winning and end up losing, you should not let it impact your next bets.

Suppose, you have not derived value from the first few matches of a game session and, thus you get an idea of increasing your bet sizes for the next games. Although you might think that the idea is a bomb and it is the best way to recover your losses and inflate your earnings, in reality, it is just the opposite. This will nothing but will land you in danger and soon you will find yourself covered in debts.

Instead of thinking about sports betting as a short-term way of earning fast cash, start viewing it as a long-term endeavor, and then only you can become dedicated and disciplined towards it.

Double-check every bet before placing

Most of the expert bettors have regretted not checking every bet they have made in the past. When you are placing bets on online sportsbooks such as Mightytips, make sure to check the size of the bet before clicking on the submit button. If you are betting at a casino then you would have to leave your bets to the agent, and thus you should check their actions as well. On the other hand, if you are online and placing bets on an online platform, your response gets submitted in a fraction of seconds and no one will be there to recheck your bet size. If it happens once or even twice, you can write to the bookmaker website and if your request appears genuine to them, they might reverse your move or offer you a free bet. However, no one would come to your rescue if you make a habit of repeating this mistake. If you manage to inform the support team of your bookmaker within a few seconds after submitting the wrong bet, they might be able to reverse your actions; however, you need to be quite prompt.

Betting on a game you don’t understand

Many of us are still unaware of how different games work, and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. That is why if your friend who is a bettor suggests a particular match, don’t follow their advice blindly and place your wager if you don’t understand the game. You can find stories of real bettors who are cautioning fellow bettors not to invest in something if they don’t know what to bet because it has bought them nothing but huge losses. If you don’t have proper knowledge about the game and you place your wager by checking the track record of the team, in most cases, you would fail. In most cases, your predictions might end up coming true but a lack of knowledge about the gaming system might cause you to place an incorrect wager.

Before placing a wager ask whether you know how the game happens and why you are picking a particular side of the bet. If you get clear answers to these questions, go for it, otherwise, step back and do some research.

Stick to the news

Before you attempt to make a bet try to look for reliable news sources to find the trends and statistics. You might find news channels broadcasting opinions of the experts as news, however, don’t get influenced by it. Watch videos and news related to the sports season and try to look for essential pieces of information, like the teams who are playing and who is the underdog, etc.

No matter how many online sources you follow to grasp some strategies of online sports betting, at the end of the day, you will have to do it yourself. To find more info about Evelyn Balyton, the writer of this article, check Mightytips Philippines.