6 Essential Items You need To Carry in your Golf Bag


Most people are not aware of the fact that golf is one of the oldest sports in the world, along with basketball and soccer. History says that its roots can be traced to the ancient Roman Empire, where it used to be played in times of Caesar. It was also popular in many countries around Europe such as France, England, and the Netherlands, but under a different name. Besides being the oldest, it grew to be one of the most popular sports for entertainment, leisure, but also professional competing.

If you have been thinking to start golfing as a leisure activity and need a set of equipment to start with, today’s market offers a variety of products with different prices and quality range. So, make sure you check everything available out there because golf requires a lot of equipment. When you watch players in action you realize they are wearing almost the same clothes, and they carry a large bag filled with clubs and who knows what. It looks heavy, but what does it contain? To be fully prepared, like a professional, for everything that can happen on the golf court, packing your bag with essentials is what you need to learn.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to carry in your golf bag.

1. Golf clubs


Those things that are peaking outside of a player’s bag are one of the main tools for playing, a collection of clubs. Clubs are divided by gender, meaning that the same is not used by women and men. They are also divided depending on the type of the hit and part of the grass surface you play at. For example, the starter hit you will usually use the driver club, with a larger head, and as the game develops you will switch to the one with a smaller head. They can also be divided based on where the brunt is located because it determines the height and length of the ball hit. They can be equipped with a special “pocket” which influences the speed, dynamics of the hit thus enabling the reach of the farthest point in the court. So, there are many things to consider when choosing what kind of clubs, you want to carry n your bag. Aside from what was mentioned, the shape of the head is also important, as well as the material the club is made of. Players carry up to 14 different clubs in their golf bags, but to be prepared for every situation read the advice given by SundayGolf.com to plan how many you need.

2. Balls


Balls are the second most important tool for the game. They are standardized, which means they do not differ based on shape, size, weight, and other things. The only thing they differ is the number of holes on their surface, which can be between 2450 and 450. These influence the dynamics of their flight, which is why you need to think about what kind of balls would like to have in your bag.
Generally, there are two types of balls, wound and solid. One is used only for practice, and are forbidden in the real play. A wound is a traditional ball manufactured of hardcore and fifteen feet of a rubber band, closed by an outer shell. The shell is made from a special material softer and less resistant or the thicker and more resistant one. The hardness of the ball is marked with numbers 80 and 90 for softer, while for harder it is marked 100.

The number of balls inside your bag depends on the number of rounds. An average of 9 is used by each round.

3. Gloves


After the two most essential tools for the game, you also need a set of good gloves. Since you will be carrying the bag and holding the club for a while, you need to make sure you have quality gloves. As with most of the equipment so far, gloves can also be male and female and are there to provide your hands with a sense of comfort while you play. When choosing which ones to buy for your bag, make sure you try them on a couple of times to see if they fit your palms and if they provide enough airiness and flowability throughout the palm.

Sweating is normal, but you want to make sure your hands don’t get slippery. A good idea is to have a spare set of gloves in your bag, for an emergency.

4. Spare set of shoes


Having a pair of dry shoes in your golf bag is one thing you can never go wrong with. The reasons for carrying them are various, from weather conditions to sweating. In any case, you’ll be walking a lot. The shoes are of course, specially designed for golf. In a way that they allow better grip on the grass surface. A serious player needs to have ones that will provide him with a comfortable walk around the field, even when it becomes slippery and wet.

5. A fresh towel


The game is played in the open making you vulnerable to the weather conditions, be it the heat or the rain. Even if the weather is pleasant, the game can last long and get quite tense, making you sweat where a towel can come useful and handy. Not only for you, but a towel can also be used to clean your clubs and during them from the eventual rain.

6. A spare jacket


As the game progresses, the scores are tight, the day progresses ad all of a sudden, it’s evening. Depending on the season and the location where you play, different parts of the day can get chilly. A jacket would do you good to keep you warm and dry, not letting the weather changes influence the course and progress of your game.

There are many more things able to fit in a golf bag. As you develop your routine, you will be able to decide what are the essentials you like to carry for a game of golf.