eSports events, betting and profit projections for 2024

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As we all know already, eSports is something that keeps growing larger and better with each new year that comes. There are tons of video games that have their own place in the eSport world and are played on a very competitive level, and if you’re a person who spends time playing video games on the regular, chances are that you already know all the major titles.

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For those of you who might not be as familiar, we’re talking about games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DotA 2, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, and even PUBG saw a recent bloom in the competitive world.

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Just like regular sports betting that’s pretty popular in almost every country across the world, the same thing is going on with eSport betting as well. Video game fans from the entire globe are trying to make the watching experience even more thrilling so they bet a few bucks on some of their favorite teams that play their favorite games.

In 2024, we have a lot of upcoming eSports events, and tons of changes happening in the pro scene in almost every game. Some of you might not know about this yet, but tons of celebrities are starting to invest in eSports, and according to many experts, it is expected that 2024 will be the year where eSports will grow a lot. If you are someone who enjoys betting, you can visit and take a look at some of the best options for the upcoming matches.

Many people believe that the eSport scene will one day be as big as the current Football or Basketball scene and that professional gamers will be valued a lot more for the effort they put in on a daily basis. If you are wondering what is the best way to earn some money through betting on eSport matches, the best advice is to constantly observe the changes happening in the organizations and get as familiar as you can with certain teams, how they perform and what’s expected for them in the next couple of seasons.

The reason why many people are investing in the eSport scene is because the newer generations are becoming more and more interested in virtual competition, so it is quite expected that this branch will bloom more and more as each year passes by.

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About a decade ago, the eSport scene was completely non-existent. There were maybe a few smaller tournaments being organized across the globe, but they were nothing serious and the prize pools were nothing more than a few hundred bucks. Today we’re talking about millions of dollars in cash prizes. The latest Dota2 major had a prize pool of $34 million dollars, and the previous one had $26 million, which is an enormous increase for just a year. Even some of the most popular football organizations started investing in Dota2 teams and providing sponsorship for transfers and other things of that nature. We can surely say that we’re off to a great start, but only time will tell where the eSport scene is headed at the moment and how large it will be in the future.