“The Escape” trailer released by BMW Films


BMW Films has recently released a trailer for an exciting short film called “The Escape”. From the trailer that lasts only 30 seconds, we can see that there will be plenty of action and drama in the new movie.

Last month the company confirmed that Clive Owen, who starred in the series called “The Hire”, will appear in the new film. “The Hire was a series of eight short films and each of them lasted for no more than ten minutes. In case you are unfamiliar with this series, Clive Owen is a driver and in each movie, he is hired by a different person who needs to be transported from one place to another. He drives them in different BMW cars.

Although the plot is unknown for now, at least we are familiar with the cast. Clive Owen will, of course, play the role of the driver. Alongside Clive, Dakota Fanning, Vera Vermiga and John Bernthal will appear in the movie. The creative director of the film is Bruce Bildsten.

As we have already said, the action will not lack in the film. Clive Owen will have a difficult task to avoid police and military units in order to escape.

You can watch the film at the BMW Films website on October 23 at 6 pm EST.

Check out the trailer here: