Each and every one of us must have wondered at some point in our lives what it would be like if we lived in a fairy tale. It probably differs from person to person. Some of us would imagine an ancient rock castle. For someone, it would be a gigantic mansion. Maybe a cottage in the woods would be enough for others. Furthermore, there would probably be a marvelous garden surrounding the house. It would be spacious and fulfilled with flowers and plants of all sorts, being a pleasure to spend time there.

Now, what if we told you that your dream could become a reality? What If your dream home was just around the corner? What if your paradise is waiting for you and you can start living your fairy tale any minute?

Namely, Britain’s smallest castle is on sale. It might occur to you when you see the word “castle” that its price is far beyond anyone’s reach, but, believe it or not, it costs as much as a mid-sized flat in London.

The property is Molly’s Lodge near the village of Long Compton in Warwickshire. It sits on a 0.61-acre plot of land, and it is a Grade II listed castle which was originally a gatehouse for the Weston Park Estate on the northern edge of the Cotswold. The famous British architect, Edward Blore, who was in charge of extending Buckingham Palace for Queen Victoria and restoring Lambeth Palace, built Molly’s Lodge in the 1830s.

It is completely functioning, and it contains a living room, a bathroom, one bedroom and dining room with mullion windows and cast iron Victorian fireplace. It also has spiral staircase as a decorative element. In case you have guests overnight, there is also a perfect housing on the property.

If you are seriously thinking about this and you are interested, the price is £550,000.