Ember Moon Wins NXT Women’s Championship!


Since Asuka got hurt and had to relinquish the NXT Women’s Championship, the title had no holder. We had to wait for this Women’s fatal four-way battle to find out who was going to be the leader of the women’s division down in the NXT going forward. Ember was the favorite in this match, but Royce and Sane have a lot of upsides and were two legit options to win this belt.

Source: YouTube

Sane is likely going to take the title in the future as she is a great performer and somebody that the fans can get behind. We have Asuka as a heel Asian performer in the women’s division, and it would be nice for WWE to give us Kairi Sane as the babyface.

Peyton Royce got a great reaction from the crowd. She has the look of a big-time superstar, and she is great in the ring. It seems that her time is coming soon and that she is going to be the face of the division for a while after Ember makes it to the main roster.

Source: Sky Sports

If they wanted to put Ember on the main roster, they would have done it right after her loss in Brooklyn. Since she stayed down in the NXT, she was due to be the next leader of the division. At NXT War Games, she became the 6th ever NXT Women’s champion.

There is no doubt that Moon has all the skills to compete with the best women in the world and the best performers that WWE has to offer. The company probably doesn’t like her promo skills, and they want her to get better in that department before she makes her main roster debut. When this girl loses the title eventually, it is likely going to be to Peyton Royce. Right after that, she is going to show up on the blue or red brand.