The dangerous environment that internet service providers must deal with daily is constantly shifting in the cybersecurity landscape. However, even though new dangers often make headlines in the computer sector, it’s always a good idea to keep a lookout for recurring concerns.

Account fraud is a good illustration of this. Many internet businesses have been concerned about this for years, but the invention of captchas and two-factor authentication has made this form of fraud more difficult. However, as hacking techniques have advanced, hackers have become simpler to commit account fraud.

As a result, companies must ensure that they have the proper technologies to stop account fraud at the initial point of contact. Using email verification is the answer to this problem.

Learn how to avoid account fraud by using an accurate email validation method in the following paragraphs.

What is email validation?

So you put in a significant amount of work in gathering email addresses in various methods. You also sent an essential email to many people on your contact list. However, you have just discovered that most of the connections were not even legitimate. It’s possible that some of them aren’t correctly formatted.

What is the solution? Of course, email verification is required. It is a procedure of confirming the legitimacy and presence of an email address to prevent spam. Also checked is if the email address is accessible and has a trustworthy domain name, Gmail.

What is the purpose of email verification?

An email verification function ensures that a user’s email address is legitimate and operational. This is a word that refers to an email address that may receive a message from a different sender.

Verifying an email address is the process of determining whether or not it exists and is current or is a legitimate email address. The ability to receive emails from different senders indicates that an email is legitimate.

To open a new account with most online companies, clients must provide a valid email address. Verifying email addresses in a multi-layered manner aids firms in eliminating bogus email addresses, allowing them to focus on building connections with legitimate clients.

Is it possible to identify a reliable verification service provider?

Disposable email addresses, questionable server locations, and email addresses containing gibberish are all red flags that should be flagged automatically by secure email validation services. You can find out more about this if you just click on EmailOversight.

Several email verification programs may detect Freemail and disposable email addresses, providing some protection against fraud. Wrong IP location, for example, is a less visible symptom of fraud, but an email validation service should be able to detect it.

What is the Best Solution?

Many people today are aware of potential issues that could have when sharing their email addresses. Therefore, if you want to seem like a more reliable and safe business where clients can register for an improved experience, the best solution is to implement advanced security methods. One smart way to make sure is to have a handy digital entrepreneur guide for your business process.

One of the most popular options is to add a layer of security where each user will need to confirm the identity and receive a code that he will need to input when making a profile on your website. You will prevent bots and scams that way, while users will be secured as well.

Main Benefits of Email Verification

Email marketing is still a very effective method for targeting potential clients. However, keep in mind that it is widely used, which means that you have to be recognized as a reliable company to expect people to open the emails they receive.

When you are using proper security methods, you can expect that your emails will always get into the right section instead of ending up in the spam category. Moreover, verification will provide you with more accurate data because you will get a collection of emails from people interested in your products or services.

Also, it will help you to filter the list and determine only the safe addresses where you can send the mail. That is crucial for the following strategies because you will gather more accurate data.

How To Reduce Risks of Online Frauds?


The implementation of the verification process is especially important for accurate data collection and helps your business to appear safe and reliable. On the other side, you have to be aware of serious issues that are possible when you are randomly sending your promo emails.

The worst scenario would be to become a victim of a business email compromise where hackers could steal accounts and send phishing scams with them. That would be a disaster for your brand. Therefore, it is important to learn more about the most common tactics that hackers are using for scamming businesses.

For instance, you might receive an email that appears to be from a higher instance or a supplier, but there is a small typo in the mail that cannot be recognized at first sight. Responding to such mail and completing an invoice will lead you to serious problems. Also, when you are working with official organizations, keep in mind that they are not using standard emails like Gmail, Outlook, and more.

It is crucial to educate your workers about this problem as well and prevent any of them to respond to potential threats. Also, you should invest in proper security layers and always use safe connections at your company.

You can improve the security by asking the bank to add a layer of protection as well. For example, the great solution in mobile banking is that each transaction requires a generated code.



Invalid email addresses reflect poorly on your organization or domain name, resulting in a negative reputation. Because of the high bounce rate, you will also squander a significant amount of time and money in email marketing. As a result, the first thing you should do after collecting a list of email addresses is to verify them.

Email validation is the term used to describe the process of verifying email addresses. It entails double-checking your email contacts’ typos, formatting, and grammar, among other things. It is also included in finding the DNS or pinging the email box.

The main benefit of this solution is to get a more accurate list of emails for targeting potential clients. Using such practice will also secure improved status among the users.