Elliott in Trouble Again! Does Zeke Has a Problem with Discipline?

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

The year in which Dallas Cowboys topped the league in the regular season is behind us, but the stories about The Boys and their players still fill the newsstands. One of the most talked-about players is Cowboys rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott. He had a mesmerizing season in which he lost Rookie of the year award only because his teammate Prescott played ‘a little’ better. Both players stated that it would be fair if they could split the prize but either way, there was no ‘bad blood’ between them.

Moving away from their on-field antics, the news were also filled with the stories about their personal life. While the Cowboys QB Prescott was an exemplary man on the field and off of it, we can’t say the same for his teammate Elliott.

Throughout the season ‘Zeke’ had few problems that were trailing him like a shadow. The main issue were the accusations made by his former girlfriend about Elliott’s ‘non-gentleman’ behavior. The investigation is still underway and if the charges are confirmed Elliott could face a lengthy ban by the NFL and a possible punishment by the court of law. He denied the accusations but the investigation is still opened, both by the NFL and the police, so Zeke still isn’t an innocent man.

With numbers that young RB posted this season losing him for the 2017 NFL Season would be nothing short of a disaster for Dallas franchise. Many people would lay low’ and waited for the dust to settle but not Elliott. He was spotted on numerous occasions in night clubs during the season and now in the off-season. A few weeks ago he was spotted in Las Vegas dancing shirtless to Steve Aoki music.

Source: www.scout.com

During the campaign he celebrated a couple of Cowboys wins in a similar fashion. Having a good time is not a crime, and after the season he had Zeke deserves to blow some steam. But, he seems to somehow refuses to stay away from trouble. Just a few days ago he was spotted talking to police outside and Columbus, Ohio nightclub. Some sources claimed that he was detained by the police, while the player himself denied the accusations. Police didn’t release any statement regarding the incident.

Maybe it’s too early to be preparing for a new season, but Elliott should at least look to keep himself away from trouble. With the immense talent, he without a doubt has, it would be a shame to ruin it with off-field behavior. Just look at Johnny Football.

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