Eli Manning taught Dak Prescott how to be one of the greats at Manning Passing Academy


The rookie quarterback Dak Prescott will be a starter for Dallas as they face the Giants on Sunday. What is interesting is that Eli Manning was the one helping out Dak improve his game.

Prescott will star instead of Tony Romo because he suffered from an injury. On Wednesday Dak declared that Manning was really helpful and that being at his Academy was a great honor to him.

On the conference, Dak Prescott stated:”I went to the passing academy as a camper when I was in high school and then two years in a row as a counselor and I definitely learned a lot. It was great to be around Eli and Peyton, the whole Manning family, and just have them coach us up, teach us some things.”

Also, Prescott added that his first year at the Academy meant the most to him, and that was the time when he dramatically improved his game and succeeded eventually.

Before enrolling at Mississippi State, while he was still at Haughton High School, he declared:”Going into my junior year in high school, I think that might have been the most vital time of my learning stage at this position. I think that Manning camp helped me tremendously. It was going to be my first year as an outright starter in high school, and I wanted to learn some things on drops, just how the quarterbacks think mentally and things like that. No better place to go than the Manning camps, the first family of football. It’s all worked out.”

Prescott also shared with us some nice memories about Eli from the Academy. He said:”Eli is a real laid-back guy. The one thing I took from him is his demeanor and how calm he was about everything. They’d go out there and have the throwing competition, and him and Peyton would be challenging each other. Peyton would be so serious, and Eli was like, whatever. But he would hit every single target, and then Peyton was over there mad and Eli just laughed.”

Dallas young quarterback also talked about his debut in the NFL. Because Romo suffered from the broken bone in his back, Dak will take his place.


“I’ve planned all my life to be in this position, but I didn’t expect it to happen this quickly. Life doesn’t change for me. I’m the same. I prepare each and every day the same if I was third string to the way I am now. Just put my best effort out there on film. It’s fun to be in the huddle around a bunch of great guys”, said Dak to the reporters.

Furthermore, he talked about quarterback Mark Sanchez, whom Denver released. According to Dak, he will help Dallas big time. Prescott announced:” He’s a veteran. No matter if he’s been here or not, he’s been around the league and seen a lot of different playbooks and defenses. He helps me every day.”