Electric Shavers for Men That Are Topping the Market


When you would mention shaving to your grandfather the first thing that would come up to his mind would be going to a barber. And it is true, a barber gives you a whole experience, nothing can outmatch that. Still, in the last few decades, the barber business is unfortunately not that popular anymore as men started taking razors in their own hands and shaving themselves. This is probably more money and time effective, but not everyone is expert in shaving, a lot of times leaving that stubborn facial hair to hang around.

Now, the best solution in order to get a well and the precise shave is a good razor. And not any type of razor, it should be an electric one and Beardoholic has a great list! It has numerous advantages over the good old regular razor, with durability and precision being on top. It follows your face line much better, and the chance of getting cut is slim to none. But, how to know which one is the best? How to choose between the foil (more durable, easier to use one), and the rotary one (rotating blades, easily following your face contour)? Take a look at our top 4 list, and you might get a better feel:

1. Braun Series 7


This one has been on the market for a few years already, and it is still hard to find its worthy successor. An amazing razor overall, that has all the functions you need. It can easily get both that stubborn hair and the hair that is out there growing in the wrong direction, using its MicroMotion and MacroMotion (40 degrees rotate) technology.

Although not that cheap, it is not expensive either for what you get. It comes with a complete travel case, cleaning solution, a brush, and a clean charge station. What else would you need? Easy to use, easy to clean, precise and comfortable. The only con might be its speed, but still well enough to do the job!

2. Phillips Norelco 9700


If you are a fan of rotary razors, this is the right pick for you. Versatile, and easy to use, Phillips did a really good job with this one. An all-around machine, with numerous possibilities such as attaching other trimmers or brushes that can ease the use, and allow even more precise shaving.

Using the ContourDetect technology, each individual hair will be precisely cut, and the head with three blades is there to make sure that there are no leftovers. It is actually trimming and not just pulling out hair, thanks to the SmartClickc trimmer. It also has a big screen, with few indicators (battery, cleaning, replacement), and it is incredibly comfortable in your hand.

The con might be that it is a bit pricey, but still in our opinion worth the money!

3. Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper


For those with really sensitive skin, this one might be the best choice. It is not expensive or difficult to use, yet it provides a really precise shave. Its head can rotate in different directions, making it easy for the sensitive parts such as neck or jaw to be well shaved. The blades and the screen assure that there will be no sideburns, and what is nice is that this one is absolutely cordless.

If you do not mind a bit of buzz, Wahl Professional 8061-100 might be the right electric shaver for men who have a sensitive face yet want a nice and clean shave.

4. Andis T-Outliner


In the end, we thought it would be good to show you probably the best electric shaver when it comes to head shaving. If you need to shave your full head more than one time a week, it can be pretty exhausting without a right machine. And you surely don’t want to go to your barber 10 times a month. That is why we show you the Andis T-Outliner shaver that consists of close-cutting blades, fulfilling your needs, whether it’s the full head shave or a fade design you want to achieve.

Keep in mind you have to oil it before use, and in between to keep it running smoothly, but it can last you a really long time. It is not expensive either coming at around 60 dollars per piece. Isn’t that a good offer?

For whichever you opt for, it is going to be worth it, as the electric shavers really release us of all our shaving troubles!