Effects of Extreme Weather to Cars and Tips to Maintenance


In the lifecycle of any property or asset, there is bound to be wear and tear. Their survival and service life will depend on their susceptibility to harsh climatic conditions. However, regular repair and maintenance of the items can prolong their service life.

Before outsourcing for https://totalstormcare.com/ repair and maintenance services, there are a few items one needs to consider.

What are the effects of Climate to Automotive?


Regardless of the region you live in, the climate will have an impact on your vehicle. The conditions can aid in the speedy tear and wear leading to a reduction in service life. It is crucial to understand how the climate can affect your car for you to undertake the necessary steps in minimizing the effects. Regular repair and maintenance reduces the risk of incurring high costs in the future when the machine breaks down. Let us look at some common ways that climate can affect the life of your car.



Storms and strong winds pose danger to your vehicle. Whenever you detect that the storm is coming, move your vehicle to a safe place. Ensure the garage is strong and there are no trees that pose the risk of falling.

Avoid driving the vehicle during the storm. It is common to find debris that may damage the car. There is also the risk of accidents due to poor navigation for drivers while on the road.

Extreme Temperatures


High temperatures can damage the car battery through the evaporation of the water component in it. When left unattended, the problem affects the vehicle’s performance because of corrosion in the system.

The vehicle exteriors and interiors can quickly degrade due to exposure to direct sunlight. It is common to find the car body losing its color and the seats may start wrinkling in the process. When parking a vehicle, it is wise to consider an area with shade against direct sunlight. Limited exposure to the extreme temperatures will assist in keeping the vehicle away from the negative effects of the climate.

Rain Water


A vehicle may experience mechanical challenges whenever water penetrates the engine or the dashboard. It is vital to keep the car protected against heavy rainfall. Failure to do so may affect the performance of the car. The automotive will require servicing to dry water and improve the functions of affected car systems.

It is advisable to avoid driving through flooded areas. Also, ensure you take the car for assessment after exposure to extreme weather conditions. It helps in identifying problems and solving them before they can cause further damage to vehicle systems.

Questions to Ask yourself

For the best results in repair against extreme weather, here are essential questions to ask oneself;

Who will undertake the Repair?


Whenever you decide to outsource the service to another entity, it is crucial to ensure that the personnel are qualified for the task at hand. Vehicle owners will seek individuals who have the experience essential in fixing their automobiles. It is common for individuals to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations on car repair experts. However, the internet makes it easy for interested parties to review repair and maintenance firms. Customer reviews can offer insights on the customer’s satisfaction, as well as the company’s service delivery. The data helps in making informed decisions on the best automotive care.

What is the extent of Damage?

The type of technicians to utilize will largely depend on the damage extent. Consider companies that respond to the field, especially if the car automated systems are malfunctioning due to the effects of hails. Modern car repair centers are in partnership with car rental services to aid clients in mobility amidst the challenges. Insurance companies can avail options to vehicle owners when insured against extreme weather conditions.

Depending on the magnitude of damage, vehicle owners can know the right procedure to take.

Is the Damage Visible?

Before calling for help in resolving the weather-related challenges, it is vital to try locating the problem by yourself. It will be less costly if the damage is easily detectable than when the problem requires the attention of a mechanical engineer. However, automotive care and repair centers have the right personnel with extensive knowledge in the industry. They can offer a full vehicle inspection to identify the problem at an affordable price.

Tips to Car Care against Extreme Weather Conditions


By mastering some tips in car care, drivers can reduce the chances of getting stranded due to weather-related complications. Here are some tips that will help in the care and maintenance of your car.

  • Battery care

There is a reduction in the battery power when exposed to cold weather conditions. It is vital to constantly check for the level of the battery fluid. Change old batteries as they are weak and will most probably fail to ignite a car during the cold season. Purchasing a car battery from authorized dealers ensures you get long-lasting quality products.  At dunkermotor.com, you can find best car battery reviews which can be useful if you are researching products by yourself.

  • Traction

When driving during the snowing season, it is essential to use tires with improved traction. They limit the car from sliding and causing accidents. Cars in highly snowy places will utilize wheels made of steel in a bid to improve safety when driving during the season.

  • For improved stability in cars

It is critical to inflate the tires properly. Cold climatic conditions can lead to the tires losing pressure. It helps to keep checking if the air is reducing.

  • Keep the radiator cap on during the hot season

High temperatures can cause the cooling system to overheat. Do not open the radiator cap due to the risk of injuries due to steam burns. Wait for the system to cool off before adding water and coolant to the radiator.

  • Check the temperature gauge

It helps in knowing when the engine is overheating. The gauge will offer an indication when the vehicle starts overheating. Let the car cool down on before continuing to drive. Using water to cool the engines can cause them to break down, and it is costly to repair.


Regardless of the season and climatic condition, it is vital to have emergency supplies in the car.