Eddie Cue Talks About How Apple Pay Works On Apple Inc. (AAPL)’S Smartwatch

Apple Pay

Eddy Cue, head of iTunes, Apple Pay and other web services offered by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) enlightened all iPhone users about the synchronization of the Apply Pay facility with the new smart watch, that the multimillion dollar company had announced in September. He also spoke about Apple Watch and Apple Pay at the Golden State Warriors’ game and revealed much-awaited information about the working of the Apple Pay service on the Apple Watch.

Clarity on matters

It was stated on record that iPhone users just like those using the latest iPhone 6 and 6 plus, have to just enter their passcode to unlock their Apple Watch and use Apple pay. At the announcement of the Apple Watch, it was stated that it would support Apple Pay and that iPhone 5, 5C and 5S users could also avail the service. However, how they would go about it was still unclear.

On Friday, at the Oracle Arena, Eddy Cue elucidated details regarding how the system was to function via iPhones. The latest iPhones from the 5S onwards have been designed with Touch ID fingerprint sensors. Apple Pay allows the users to simply tap their phones to the payment terminals and then touch the sensors to purchase items. However, this requires for both terminals to have near-field communication (NFC) chips that store the users’ payment credentials. This limited the service to just iPhone 6 and 6 plus users.

On the other hand, people who own Apple watches can simply sync their phones to the watch by either typing their passcode on the watch or touching the fingerprint sensors while wearing the device. Since the watches have NFC chips they can easily make payments through it. You don’t even have to enter a password every time you use Apple Pay on your watch. As long as you have it on, the watch remains unlocked.

For older users

Users of older iPhones can use this too by just typing in the passcode. This procedure is extremely safe because the device remains unlocked only if you have it on. Once it is taken off, you have to enter your passcode all over again. Unless the pin is entered, the device will not work. This facility is useful and safe. You can make payments without even having to take your phone out of your pocket.