Ed Bott accuses Microsoft of insensitivity over issues with Surface Pro


A big slap has landed on Microsoft after a journalist who has been writing about it for 25 years, Ed Bott, slammed the company for its inability to tackle the issues surrounding its PC/ Surface Pro in its tablet hybrid. One of the major issues Bott raised is that of the company’s lack of communication and tardiness with the battery of this device.

Bott berated the company in an article where is said the company left its customers of Surface Pro in the dark. He added that the company had not just shown disregard for its users, but also failed to appreciate these users that have made it possible for its Surface business to have a ground upon which to it thrives.

He also wrote in that article that barely a year that the Surface Pro 3 had been in the market, a steady drop was noticed in the capacity of its batteries.


It was in March of 2016 that Microsoft support lines started answering questions concerning the battery issue with major concern about it not been able to hold a charge for at least 5 hours without going dead in the next twenty to thirty minutes even after it has refused to charge fully.

The unfortunate thing, write Bott is that those that bought the model in 2014 were not covered by the warranty (1 year) that it originally comes with.

According to Bott, it is unfortunate that the company remained silent for a long time and at a point had to send its PR spokesperson to give people responses that only said they were looking into the matter.

He wrote that it was in the middle of August that Panos Panay, the company’s executive that sees over Surface division, said via Twitter that they were making available a patch which would be arriving in a matter of days.

This is a repetition of what happened with the Surface team and those that bought the Surface Pro 4 somewhere in the last months of 2015 who had issues with reliability and performance, who never got more than a vague acknowledgement from the company.


The journalist who had a lot of contacts in Microsoft also said in his write-up that the people he spoke to in the company regarding the issue wanted the matter to be off record. Their worry, he said, is that such criticism could tell on Intel badly having been under attack for its Skylake processor for problems with PCs.

Bott also accused the company for poor communication over issues surrounding its upgrade to latest Windows 10. He said that from all indications, PR executives and lawyers were not willing to respond to the issue, while calling on Satya to do something about the issue.