eBay Inc (EBAY) To Back Google Inc (GOOG) Over Brussels Antitrust Inquiry


The leading e-commerce player eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) has decided to back the internet giant Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) over the Brussels antitrust inquiry. As per the reports, eBay CEO has stated that both the companies are rivals in the online shopping market. His comment came after US search group claimed that Brussels didn’t know properly how users tend to buy products online.

Management’s Call

While talking to one of the leading dailies, eBay’s CEO John Donahoe claimed that all the barriers available between the different areas of e-commerce were slowly breaking down. His comments are very much in line with the ones made by the internet giant Google’s comments that it had put forth in the landmark competition case of European Commission.

According to a complaint made by Brussels earlier this month, Google tries to squeeze out other leading shopping search engines by favoring more to its in-house services. To this allegation, Google firmly responded to European Regulators stating that they had not figured out the leading online shopping websites like eBay and Amazon had given it tough competition in the market. The company also said that it never tried to promote its own in-house services in the market by any means possible.

On a question about Google’s rivalry with eBay, Donahoe said that his company was a direct competitor of Google in the online shopping market. His comments are clear evidence of the challenges that Brussels faces concerning its most important case in today’s tech world. It took on the leading tech company Microsoft almost a decade ago, and it’s been a tough journey after that.

European Regulators initiated their antitrust inquiry into search engine Google almost five years ago. They cite a new form of different advertising funded listings. Google has refused to comment on this issue as of now.