7 Easy Patio Design Projects You Can DIY This Weekend


It doesn’t always take a lot of money to beautify a patio and make it tailor-made, but it certainly does. A couple of simple tricks can completely change the look of your patio. You can buy a lot of things that you will find in this article cheaply – and you can also do the rest yourself. So, take one weekend and put these DIY patio project ideas into action to create the perfect oasis to enjoy.

Make A DIY Patio Project

You finally have enough time and want to do something creative over the weekend. Autumn days can sometimes be perfect to enjoy on your patio. Make your patio fun and romantic, with a couple of DIY tricks. But where to start? What to do first? How much money to spend? You can do a creative project that doesn’t involve hard work and spending money. On the contrary, with good positive energy and a little imagination and inspiration – you can arrange the patio yourself and save some money. You don’t even need a lot of time, it’s enough to set aside one weekend. You may find our tips practical – and the whole family can participate in a project.

Patio Design Projects You Can DIY

1. Stone flower pots


This is something you can do very easily. Take an existing pot, larger can – or bucket of water. Coat it with silicone mesh and then apply adhesive over the mesh. After that, you can arrange the tiles or stones on the pot. With a little imagination and creativity, you will get great stone flower pots that will be the right decoration for your patio.

2. Decorative pillows for the outside


It is good to break the monotony of the space with interesting colors. You can use old pillows and new decorative pillows in colorful designs. If you know how to sew you can only buy fabrics. The point is to get more designs that are different from the environment. The new decorative pillows will definitely brighten up the atmosphere of your patio.

3. Get comfortable, spacious furniture – or make it

When arranging a patio, it is clear that you want to have the most comfortable furniture. You can search COSIEST or similar places to purchase a nice patio section or a sofa. The fact is that you can get it at discounts at very reasonable prices. However, if you are creative and imaginative you can make it yourself. For example, pallet furniture doesn’t go out of fashion, because it is very practical. You can make the patio pallet furniture in a few hours and save a lot of money. In certain cases, you can get pallets in stores if they are in surplus – or you can buy them for a small amount of money. With pallets, a few sponges, and some nice covers – you can make wonderful furniture that will serve you for years – and your guests will be delighted with it.

4. Build an outdoor fireplace


Even though we say fireplace, we actually mean a barbecue pit. This is a perfect idea for slightly larger patios. It can become a great place where you can enjoy the company of your friends. It is also practical because the crackling fire will also repel mosquitoes and other bugs – especially during summertime. All you need to do is stack the bricks and form a circle. You can also make this fortification in some other interesting shape. People all over the world make such fireplaces in the shape of a star, heart, etc. However, the most practical and simplest shape is a circle – around which you can all sit and enjoy the crackling and warmth of the fire.

5. Provide more space for decorative plants


Planting in pots is intended for apartments and small homes in which there is no spacious garden and luxury called private outdoor space, or yard. However, if you have a nice larger patio – the situation is completely different. For example, you can make one part of the patio your personal green oasis. You can plant some nice ornamental plants. You don’t have to make a special order between the plants and create the shape of the garden. On the contrary, you can run your imagination and choose a certain rectangle of the patio and sow your plants horizontally in accordance with their colors. Match the delicate colors of the flowers with the bright ones – so you can get a contrast that attracts attention and makes your patio look great.

6. Choose beautiful lamps


Your fun and relaxation in the fresh air will be special – especially if you choose lamps that will encourage magic on your patio. We recommend lamps that collect daylight during the day – and shine at night thanks to it. You don’t have to worry about them when it starts to rain and there is no danger of electric shock. Install solar lamps or buy a model that is connected by a decorative cable – and enjoy the beautifully distributed light that makes your whole patio elegant and special.

7. Patio curtains

If you have a covered part of the patio – curtains are a perfect addition. The best part is that you can easily install them yourself. Drill holes, place curtain rods, and put curtains on them. You can also buy additional ropes and tie them with them when you are not using them. They are quite decorative and change the space, but like all fabrics on the patio – they can be soaked in water if it rains.


Who says that refreshing has always been a difficult and expensive job? On the DIY projects that we gave you as a suggestion, you don’t have to work long or spend heaps of money. And yet, your patio will get a whole new look. It’s gonna be a refreshment for you too, isn’t it? We hope that our suggestions will help you –  or maybe inspire you to do something nice and creative this fall.