East Los High – Should We Expect Season 5 Soon?

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Created, written, and produced by Wise Entertainment, East Los High is a teen drama which was first released in 2013, and it immediately became very popular among its target audience. The fact that it was nominated for Emmy confirms that the series turned out to be a major success. It is the first Hulu’s original series which features Latino cast and crew. Most episodes were made in East Los Angeles.

As previously mentioned, this is a teen drama, so, needless to say, the show revolves around a group of teenagers who are in their final year in a fictional high school in East LA. What’s particularly interesting about East Los High and definitely worth mentioning is that the series is supposed to encourage the viewers to choose a healthy lifestyle, which is why the producers cooperate with public health organizations.

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All four seasons released so far have been well-received and praised for various aspects, especially for the aforementioned “educational element” and the fact that all kinds of topics are explored openly. On IMDB, the series has a 7.4 rating, while on TV.com it has a score of 8.2 out of 10. This drama has been estimated to be among Hulu’s ten shows which draw around 1 million viewers monthly.

After the first season premiere in 2013, each of the following seasons was released with one year gap. Thus, Season 4 was delivered in 2016, so, following this pattern, fans expect Season 5 to be released sometime this year. We are still waiting for Hulu to confirm the renewal, just to be safe, but we are pretty sure Season 5 will see the light of day in not so distant future. There seems to be no reason for canceling the show after it has become so popular. However, Hulu hasn’t made an official announcement yet, but we promise we’ll let you know as soon as Season 5 is confirmed. Follow us for more details.