Earl Thomas eyeballing Dallas Cowboys – “Come get me!”

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After the Seahawks denied the Cowboys their playoffs chance, something “strange” happened in the Cowboys locker room. Apparently right after the match the Seahawks, safety, Earl Thomas, entered the Dallas locker room and told Cowboys coach Jason Garrett “If y’all have the chance, come get me.” That is a bit sudden don’t you think?!

Apparently sometime later Thomas gave a statement to the reporters in order to clarify his intentions. Thomas stated “I’ve always been a Cowboys fan growing up. The biggest thing when I said ‘come get me,’ I didn’t literally mean, ‘come get me now,’ I’m still in the prime of my career, I still want to be here. But when Seattle kicks me to the curb, please, the Cowboys, come get me. You know? This is the place where I want to be when they kick me to the curb. So that’s what I meant by. People take me too serious. That’s just who I am.” As we managed to find out from Spotrac, Thomas still has one year left on a five-year deal in Seattle and is owed around $10.4 million next season, and if he gets released, he would cost Seattle only $1.9 million in dead salary-cap money.

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Just to be perfectly clear, Thomas isn’t that eager to leave Seattle and according to him if the team offers him an extension that “would be a great Christmas present,” but if it doesn’t happen the “Come get me” to Cowboys firmly stands. He actually stated that he is “happy” in Seattle, so there is no doubt that they are treating him well. But, these provocative postgame comments that came from Thomas are most likely originating from his recent feud with Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner. Thomas accused Wagner of being irresponsible for trying to play with an injured hamstring, causing them to lose to the Los Angeles Rams. Wagner responded over a tweet (now deleted) “E keep my name out yo mouth. Stop being jealous of other people (sic) success. I still hope you keep balling bro.”

It is worth noting that Thomas isn’t the only one that has a critical contract situation. If you didn’t know cornerback Richard Sherman (injured) is ending following the 2018 season and he is owed over $13 million. Next in line is (also injured) defensive end Cliff Avril, who’s owed $8 million. Above mentioned Wagner is signed through 2019 and Michael Bennett and Kam Chancellor are under contract through 2024. But something interesting popped up, courtesy of NFL Network’s Michael Silver, and that is the info that none of the players above (besides Wagner) are expected to be on the team in 2018.

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Back to the Thomas news, if you didn’t know this isn’t the first time that he is being openly honest about his future in the middle of the campaign. Last time we saw something like this from him was just last season when he suffered a devastating leg injury, and he tweeted that he was thinking of retirement. Thanks to the win over Dallas, Seattle still has a chance to make the postseason, meaning a win next week and a Falcons loss would secure them the sixth seed in the playoffs. Seattle’s near future is definitely out of their hands, and that is also what Thomas feels, which is why he stated for the end “I don’t want to get too deep into it, but it’s a business, and we have some great young guys coming in and you never know.”