Dynasty Warriors 9 Confirmed; Teaser Available


The new installment of the award-winning game series “Dynasty Warriors” created by Omega Force, has recently been announced. The game publisher Koei Tecmo has confirmed that the new hack and slash title will be available as an open-world game, for the first time since its first release in 1997. And that’s not all. They have also released a short teaser video for you to get a sneak peek.

Akihiro Suzuki, the producer of “Dynasty Warriors 9,” has said that their aim is to create the new entry as a “rebirth” of the series, Siliconera reports. Furthermore, the game developer Omega Force explains that they are hoping to use only one giant map to cover China. That sounds rather ambitious, don’t you think?

Another interesting piece of information that has been revealed has to do with the game characters. Believe it or not, all 83 playable characters from the previous installment will be included in the new one as well. But, there will also be several new fighters in “Dynasty Warriors 9”, such as Zhou Cang. Zhou Cang is a fictional character who appears in Luo Guanzhong’s “Romance of the Three Kingdoms,” the historical novel which inspired the video game in the first place.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Release Date

The previous installment, “Dynasty Warriors 8” was released three years ago, and, even though a couple of game expansion packs have been delivered ever since, the fans are getting impatient about “Dynasty Warriors 9”. Unfortunately, Tecmo’s earlier announcement about the upcoming title coming out this year proved to be wrong, so we are still waiting for the official release date.


The release date is not the only thing that is still kept secret. There are no announcements about the platforms the upcoming game will be available on, either. It has been only speculated that PlayStation 4 is most likely to appear on this list. Follow us for more details.