Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Family Aquarium Visit Pictures on Instagram Sparks Animal Rights Argument

image source: Instagram

Dwayne The Rock Johnson visited the Georgia Aquarium over the weekend, but not all of his fans were thrilled with such visit. Some animal rights activists went so far as to accuse the Hollywood actor of supporting animal captivity.

Johnson couldn’t even assume that his visit to the aquarium in Atlanta with his partner and his daughter would cause so much controversy. In one of the photos, we can see the Moana star “shaking hands” with a beluga whale. Also, there is a photo of him and his family watching the whale sharks.

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He said in the video: “I am one with creatures and animals and basically anything with a heartbeat.” However, one Instagrammer wrote: “The sea lion just like the beluga whale also doesn’t want to perform tricks or do anything unnatural for you or anybody.” She added: “It’s 2018 animals deserve rights not be forced to live in swimming pools to do tricks.”

Another person wrote: “Very disappointing to see you promoting the capturing of free animals, the abuse of animals for entertainment and the violence that these animals endure. I thought you were above this.”

Meanwhile, Phil Demers, a celebrity marine mammal trainer also voiced: “And with one staged fist-bump photo op, @TheRock just undid YEARS of crucial captive whale advocacy. That’s no fist-bump…that’s a death punch.”

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And while some people criticize the wrestler-turned-actor, the others believe such comments are unnecessary. One wrote: “The Rock takes his family to an aquarium and people have to find something to be offended about by it. How RIDICULOUS is that?”

Another user said: “It’s amazing what people will get worked up over. People are protesting The Rock for taking his family to the Georgia Aquarium.”

This is also one of the comments: “No animals were harmed when you took your family there. Your patronage supports research and development of ways to help marine life.”

What do you think? Is The Rock supporter of animal captivity by taking his family to the aquarium? We don’t see him as that guy, and people are just overreacting.

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