If you have a physique like Dwayne Johnson you are bound to have a decent amount of success in the sport, and in his case, this also means that you can act in many sport related movies. When we add this to the fact that he is the highest-paid actor in the world it obviously indicates that he is very busy with filming and various projects.

In the last few months, we could see Central Intelligence released, and reports say that Fast & Furious 8 has been finished and in post production before launch that is planned for April of the next year. Furthermore, he has started working on Jumanji while G.I. Joe 3 is waiting for his schedule to clear out slightly.

There are more than few of his legendary roles in movies, and this 6′ 5″, 260 pounds giant did his part of sport-related films and TV Show appearances. Here is the list of what he did in that segment.


Spencer Strasmore is the character in this TV Show that is played by Dwayne Johnson, and he was Miami Dolphins star turned manager. We can see The Rock in perfectly tailored suits battling his way in this money making market chasing best deals.

The Tooth Fairy

Obviously, The Rock has a lot to offer, and this time, he is on skates as he comes as Derek Thompson veteran hockey player. During his career, he earned the nickname “The Tooth Fairy” because of all those hard hits and knockouts delivered to other players. Since he didn’t believe in Tooth Fairies and other fairy tales he is sentenced to serve as an actual tooth fairy. The total budget was $48 million, and it returned more than $112 million.

The Game Plan

In this movie we see quarterback Joe Kingman, that is simply dominating football field, but then few things change. An eight-year-old girl comes to his life saying that she is his daughter and completely changing the life of the superstar. This movie was made and released in 2007 and with a budget of only $22 million it managed to make almost $150 million.

Pain & Gain

Here we have dark comedy in which Dwayne Johnson is helped out by Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Mackie. These guys are part of a trio that is involved in the kidnapping of one rich member of the gym. Nothing goes as planned and they get into a crazy number of funny situations. The budget was estimated to $25 million, and this one managed to more than triple with final figure being at about $86 million.

Gridiron Gang

Another role related to football as Dwayne Johnson comes as a coach of Kilpatrick Detention Center. He is trying to direct a group of teens that have connections with crime and gangs to pursue a different lifestyle through sport. Total box office earnings reached almost $180 million.

Which one did you like most? Would you add any to the list?