Dwayne The Rock Johnson talks his growing up


How many of you love sweets, but they always backfire on you? We all know that, when it comes to pimples, sweets are the food to blame. Well, you are not the only one who has faced that problem, even the famous celebrities have been struggling with similar ones. One of them is a well-known actor and former wrestler superstar Dwayne The Rock Johnson who has shared some of his secrets while growing-up.

Namely, People Magazine has proclaimed this man to be the sexiest one on the planet, but his looks haven’t always been this flawless. According to his words, as a teenager, he had a sensitive, sweet tooth and he had difficulties to resist the candies. His favorite ones were doughnuts and cookies after school but unfortunately, he would regret it shortly after eating them as his face would burst into pimples.


He was also going through the similar stages which many teenagers around the world are facing on an everyday basis. Being on a quest for his identity was also one of the issues for the growing Dwayne Johnson. But he remembers how great he felt once he ended the search and finally accepted himself just the way he was. “Being comfortable in my own skin just took a lot of time. When you finally are comfortable with who you are, warts and all, it really allows for a greater confidence in life. Being comfortable with who I am – was probably one of the greatest and best breakthroughs that I’ve ever had in my life.”

These lines could help teenagers conquer their fears and realize that they are not alone in their problems. Dwayne has turned out to be good, right? Not more, not less, but the sexiest man alive.