Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson: Taking On Classic Disney Animated Characters


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is on his way to show some remarkable skills one more time while being a part of a new Disney movie – Moana. Among his fabulous roles in Fast & Furious, Baywatch, Race To Witch Mountain and many others, the actor has decided to try himself out in this upcoming animated movie. The audience is used to seeing this phenomenal and brilliant actor in different roles, but it is always interesting to see him taking on new parts such as this one.

Johnson appeared not long ago on The Screen Junkies Show, hosted by Hal Rudnick when he was given to read the lines from some of the most famous Disney cartoons. This quick “trial” of his turned out to be very amusing for the audience and convinced everyone that he would cope very well in that sphere.

Namely, Hal handed him over the papers with some of the most famous lines of the Disney characters, including Buzz Lightyear, Gaston, and The Genie. Dwayne was supposed to share his interpretation of these lines. Even though he attempted to make the lines sound funny, which he justified as being his perception or interpretation, it still gave the expression that he would fit easily and that he could play any part. However, when Rudnick asked the rest of the team which role would be the perfect one for him, the answer was, Gaston’s role.


The Screen Junkies team made an effort to evoke John’s interpretations by inserting his head onto the characters of each cartoon. This made the whole video absolutely hilarious.

Johnson has maybe missed the opportunity to become a part of Beauty and The Beast, however, he can now make up for it in another Disney movie, Moana. We have no doubts that his performance will be nothing short of spectacular. The film’s premiere is due on November 23, 2016.