If there is one name that each and every one of us has at least heard one time in our lives, then that’s without a doubt, Dwayne Johnson. However, as you already know, he’s not just Dwayne Johnson – he is known as Dwayne The Rock Johnson. His great ring name makes it hard to forget him, even if you don’t know much about this superstar and wrestling. Not only is he one of the greatest names among professional wrestlers, but he has also become the highest paid actor in the world. In addition to this, there have been numerous rumors lately that suggest that the former wrestler and actor would also like to try his hand at politics, as well – he said that he would run for president in 2023.

The news about Johnson’s statement that he would run for president in 2023 has recently inspired a huge number of memes, according to Strong Socials. A few days ago, meme incubator Reddit’s me_irl subreddit delivered some interesting puns inspired primarily by the actor’s ring name. “The Rock” proved to be suitable for some alternations, so we got to meet “The Doc,” “The Sock,” “The Stock,” “The Lock,” and several others. The task seems rather simple at first glance – you just need to think of a word that rhymes with “rock.” However, it is actually harder than that, as it’s quite a challenge to think of a meme that hasn’t been done yet. But, me_irl-ers proved to be up to the task with their ideas.

We are glad to see that these memes are not about racial or any other inappropriate theme, as a result, we don’t see them becoming “edgy” in any way. Even Johnson himself admitted that he loved them. But, that still does not mean that the joke will be interesting for too long. Perhaps it will be present for just a couple of days more; perhaps it will be there longer, who knows. We can only wait and see.