Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson managed to hit a 490 yard drive while on the shoot of “Ballers”!

Source: thegolfnewsnet.com

Well, since The Rock is such a versatile person and athlete I believe that no one out there can say that he/she thought that this is something that actually surprised you! Everybody’s favorite actor/athlete/human is a former football player (played for Miami), currently very successful actor, 10 time WWE Heavyweight title winner and now this – “long driver” which is just another notch on his talents belt.

As you know Johnson is still filming his HBO series called “Ballers” and as it appears he had some golfing scenes. Apparently, he gave his best at hitting a drive as far as he can and managed to make, what turned out to be, a close to the longest drive ever recorded in a professional golf event (that wasn’t off a cart path).

According to his claim, Johnson managed to hit a 490-yard drive, but there is also a big possibility that he is actually joking. Just in case he isn’t, that 490-yard drive is a huge thing especially for a man that usually does not practice the long-driving technique (a whole lot different than the standard golf swing in terms of bottoming out).


So for this one actually not to feel incomplete, we must point out that the longest drive ever measured belongs to Mike Austin, who hit a 515-yard one on September 25, 1974, in the National Seniors Open Championship (a pre-cursor to the U.S. Senior Open). Austin (64) hit the drive on a 450 yard par 4 at Desert Rose Golf Club in Las Vegas. The club was at 2.000 feet above sea level and the estimated wind on the hole that day was a 35 MPH helping wind.

It is also important to mention that The Rock used a Callaway Golf GBB Epic driver in the show which is supplied by the company thanks to a request that came from HBO. Nevertheless, The Rock also gave a shout at to Jordan Spieth who supplied him with the gear.