Dwayne The Rock Johnson Is Fishing


Every now and then, all of us find an entertaining photo on the internet that wants to show to someone. Some photos are funny, some pictures make you think, while on some, well actually, on this particular one, we can see Dwayne Johnson in action. No, it is not the kind of action we normally expect from Dwayne.

The Rock posted an image on Instagram in which we can see him fishing in the pond behind his home. He is clearly taking some time off from all the hard work and just enjoys the moment. We all know that he is a busy guy and this rest is definitely what he needs and deserves.

The former WWE wrestler is constantly on the move – he is either working on a new movie or preparing some new project or hitting the gym hard. The latest film he starred in was the Fate of the Furious which has achieved enormous success. We love to see the Hollywood actor relaxing and posting these types of photos on his Instagram. Dwayne always finds some time for his fans or bass fishing.

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In the post, he wrote: “As an animal lover – both land and water – I’ve been raising my bass for years now on our farm. I feed them like kings with live bait and train them to be extra aggressive killers. I have specialists come in to inspect the water, vegetation and ecosystem to make sure they’re living like the top of the food chain predators they are.”

He continued: “Big daddy comes home to recharge his batteries & spend time with them and not even one of these ungrateful fat hogs will strike my top water plug I’ve been working for an hour now. Cool.. just remember who’s in charge of the fish food truck you sum bi*ch*s. #ResetAndRecharge #JohnsonFarm#WhereEvenTheBassHaveAttitude 🎣🤙🏾”