Dwayne Johnson is considering running for a president of the USA in 2024


A former WWE wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson is taking a new step in his career. After becoming one of the greatest names in Hollywood, the big star is now taking into consideration running for a president of the USA.

Even though he is toying with the idea of joining the presidential race, he says that the idea didn’t originate from him directly.

“It all started out of the blue,” Johnson said, reminding everyone about the column in the Washington Post which planted that idea by stating “He could actually win.”

“It was never something that I trumpeted and beat my chest and ever said publicly, ‘This is what I’m going to do,’ but as that story picked up, Americans picked it up and there was this sentiment of, ‘We’re not joking, and we would really love the idea if you would run’, ” Johnson states.


Johnson goes on to explain that although he is not a politician, he will do his best to learn as much as he can. According to his words, he is not quite satisfied with current state of affairs in country’s politics.

“In that, I knew I had to listen to the people and really, really think about it,” he continues. “That’s where I’m at right now — I’m well aware politics is not the business I’m in, so the best thing I can do is continuing to listen and learn as much as I can. I’m continuing to watch our presidency and watch how every new development is handled. I continue to watch our leaders in government, and like all Americans, I continue to be hopeful that our leaders exhibit poise, perspective and the ability to bring our country together during these tough times — which I don’t feel our presidency is currently doing — so that’s where I’m at.”

His greatest desire is to help his people, but he doesn’t have a growing preference for any side at this moment, neither Republican nor Democratic.

“I care deeply about our country, and I care deeply about our people – especially now,” Dwayne adds. “Decency matters and being a decent human being matters, and character matters, and leadership matters.”


It was precisely the current state of affairs which shakes America at the moment that motivated him into considering running for a president.

“I think this is just a product of my DNA, in that when there’s an issue, that’s the time we have to come together, work hard to understand each other and ultimately get to a better place,” Johnson says. “For example, when it’s a polarizing issue like our NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem, that’s not a time to be divisive and shut them out of the White House. It’s the time to actually open the doors and bring those players in so our President and staff can understand exactly what the needs are — face to face, so change and positive progress can happen — but that’s not happening right now.”

Although he is still avoiding talking about concrete problems that exist in the country, he made a comment about one serious issue, and that’s harassment at the workplace.

“I’ve shaken the hands of a few of these men, and I want to choke them out, but it’s important to stay poised right now and keep that in mind,” says Johnson while commenting Hollywood power players.

A few days ago Johnson published a post on his Instagram account, where he shared the wonderful news with his fans. He is becoming a father for the third time. According to his words, his interest in politics also stems from the fact that he wants to secure the future for his children.

“I’m hopeful that my daughters are learning great lessons from what’s happening right now. My 16-year-old daughter Simone has a great head on her shoulders and we’re extremely proud of her, and we will make sure that we raise our daughter Jasmine in the exact same fashion,” Dwayne explains.


“I’m hopeful in the spirit of what we are witnessing and experiencing now – this watershed moment that is deeply impacting the business that I make my living in – but also the ripple effect and the spider web effect that is deeply impacting cultures of business around the world, even if they’re not making headlines right now. So I’m hopeful, but my hope follows the deep pain and empathy that I have for these very brave women that have come out already and continue to come out.”