Dwayne The Rock Johnson Was A Big Hit On Saturday Night Live


It is a fact that The Rock was a great wrestler and is still one of the most popular wrestling personalities in the world even though he rarely appears on the WWE TV. Still, nowadays people know him more for his acting roles in various big-time movies. He is arguably the most popular Hollywood star, and that is his full-time job now.

But, he is not only a good actor but a good entertainer overall as we have seen what he can do with the mic in the WWE ring. When he is not acting or shooting a movie, Dwayne The Rock Johnson is more than capable of being a host of the show and entertaining many people on live TV. After all, that is how his career and rise to the stardom started all those years ago.

Last Saturday, he was the host of the Saturday Night Live, a show that is extremely popular among the people in the United States. It is interesting that he is not the only one that has been in the WWE that has hosted this show as John Cena did it before him.


But, it seems that this has been one of the most successful episodes of the long-running series in recent history. The May 20 edition of this show with The Rock as the host and Katy Perry as the musical guest has averaged 8.272 million viewers overall, giving the show the number one ranking so far this week on the broadcast networks in adult 18-49 ratings, outdoing the second show on the list by 7%.

This is the biggest overall audience for a season finale since May 21st of 2011 when the host was Justin Timberlake while Lady Gaga was the musical guest. That show attracted 9.818 million viewers.