Dwayne Johnson’s Rock Delta Sneakers Sold out Immediately


Last Thursday Dwayne Johnson’s long-awaited apparel collection SuperVent Project Rock was finally released, and it has been reported that the reception is more than satisfactory. In addition to clothing, the collection also comprises sneakers, which, according to sneakernews.com, proved to be particularly popular – it has been confirmed that “the shoes sold out immediately.”

Considering the fact that the sneaker market is mostly dominated by NBA players, such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and others, it is impressive that a non-professional athlete managed to have his shoe collection sold out in a day. Read on to find out what The Rock said about this great success on his Instagram account.


“Now it’s my turn to thank you guys around the world. #ROCKDELTA officially SOLD OUT and has become the fastest selling shoe of 2017. The goal was to make an phenomenal training shoe, BUT I didn’t want to just slap my name on a shoe and promote it. That’s the easy way and not my style. I wanted to take my time and do it right. Wanted consumers to know that by the time the shoe is delivered to their front door, I’ve trained hard in them and helped engineer them for over a year. Talk the talk, but more importantly we walk the walk. Globally, we’ve sold out in one day. ONE DAY. Just incredible and a reflection of the masses of you who are hungry to get after it and be better daily. The shoe business (as me and our team has learned) is an extremely tough and competitive business. We’ve officially arrived in the game and brought our authenticity with us. 100% SOLD OUT. @underarmour working fast to restock around the world. Thank you for being patient and THANK YOU from me, Under Armour and #ProjectRock.”


In case you are worried that you can’t get your pair of these sneakers, don’t be. Even though they are all sold out at the moment, you can pre-order a pair online so you can get them as soon as they’re available again.