Dwayne Johnson’s New Under Armour Collection Targets Women


Dwayne Johnson has several roles in his life. He is a family man, a workaholic and a Hollywood star. But did you know that Johnson is also an activewear designer? This is nothing unfamiliar because The Rock knows his way around a gym. In fact, he carries one with himself no matter where he is shooting a movie.

His new collection with Under Armour has been launched, and you can start with the purchase. This collection is called All Day Hustle, and both man and women who are ready to work hard can find suitable sportswear.

However, in this campaign, Johnson focused on women, and he had a desire to showcase their strengths. That is why there are plenty of workout tanks, sports bras, compression leggings as well as headphones designed to make your training more dynamic. A bomber jacket is also on sale, so feel free to explore. You will most certainly find something according to your own liking.


“The All Day Hustle collection is inspired by my personal philosophy that our daily, consistent training in the gym becomes our anchor that drives success in all other aspects of life,” said Johnson. In this outfit, women will evoke their inner strength, according to Dwayne.

“Finding strength in the struggle. Joy in the grind. Excitement in the challenge. Always recognizing that the project of ‘you’ is never finished,” Johnson says of the collection on ua.com. “Because there is always more work to do.”