Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter Jasmine Too Busy For Dwanta Claus – Hilarious Video


There aren’t many girls that could resist Dwayne Johnson, but his baby daughter Jasmine showed how that should be done. This is one of the best videos that this man delivered in the last few weeks and we can see him recording clips almost every day, it is that good.

While I am among the people that would love to get a visit from Dwanta Claus, even I’m not a woman nor interested in men in that way, this baby girl managed somehow to resist the charm of the big guy.

It all starts with Dwanta Claus that comes to surprise his little girl, but she is too busy with her painting and making a cute mess all over the house. We can see her with a big brush and bunch of colors that are ready to be transferred all over the place, and we are not sure how much of that will end up on the “canvas.”

When Dwayne opens the door and starts “singing” (we love how this man sings :D), it is clear that he interrupted Jasmine in her work and she shows that by coming to the door and closing them in Dwanta’s face. All that is done while she looked fabulous and adorable.

It seems that the song that famous actor is singing isn’t enough to get the ticket for Jasmine’s show. In the end, we could hear him commenting: “No… Oh… Well, Merry Christmas…”

Just watch this hilarious video, and you will see what we are talking about:

Merry Christmas from our ohana to yours! 😂🎅🏾🎶 ✋🏾

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