Dwayne Johnson`s Baby Girl Gave A Daddy Rocking New Look


Just look at this adorable picture filled with love.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, like every businessman, is very busy before the Thanksgiving holiday, but he found the time for his adorable, baby girl, Jasmine Johnson. This cutie pie wants to play with daddy`s face, and the Dwayne did not mind for his new makeover.

The star of the Skayscrapers posted on Instagram, how his beloved daughter convinced dad to get a paint makeover before the work.

“Jazzy: *while looking up at me with her mama @laurenhashianofficial’s intoxicating blue eyes… BUT DADDY, I need to paint your face for work,” Dwayne writes in his Instagram caption. “Me: Ok, but make sure you choose manly colors that are flattering to my complexion.”

Dwayne added, “As much as I tell her no, with my crazy busy life, this is the stuff I actually love #ohana.”
It is such a pity, that we are not able to see the finished makeover, the new colorful face of the star of the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

When the picture is posted, the enormous number of fans and famous friends comment below the picture and said how the painting moment brought a smile to their face.

“I CAN’T—such a blessing,” Halle Berry below the picture. Jeffrey Dean Morgan added, “Jazzy has her dada jumping thru any and all hoops she decides on! You don’t stand a chance brother.”

For Dwayne Johnson, the end of the year will be very successful because he is getting ready to launch The Titan Games,his new NBC show. Dwayne also will reveal Project Rock Collection with Under Armour.

But despite all his business achievements, in the holiday season, he is a daddy in the first place.