Dwayne Johnson Welcomes John Travolta To Instagram

Source: www.laineygossip.com

Dwayne Johnson is one Hollywood superstar that took complete advantage of social networks to expand his global fan-base. His posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are seen by millions every day. This comes as no surprise as a charismatic person, and an overall good guy like Johnson has millions of followers on his social media accounts (106 million on Instagram, 13 million on Twitter, and 58 million on Facebook).

These days having a large number of followers on social networks plays a significant role in the lives of Hollywood superstars. Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle actor is a testimony of his. The Rock gets paid for promotion of his films on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With the number of movies he has in store in the coming years, he will earn plenty just from advertising them on his social profiles.

It was incredible to hear that Dwayne Johnson has a social media clause in the contract for his upcoming Red Notice project. For this film, he will receive $1 million only to promote it through Instagram posts and tweets. With an ever-expanding number of followers Johnson is getting every day, this amount will only grow in the future. And deservedly so, when you look how well his movies fare at the box office.

Because of this we are not surprised seeing some older actors joining social media platforms. There’s so much to gain as we can see on Dwayne Johnson’s example. One of the actors that belong to the old school is John Travolta, who recently joined Facebook and Instagram. People’s Champ greeted him with open arms with an Instagram post. The two actors worked together in the past on Be Cool film.

In a welcoming message for Travolta, Johnson wrote: ”Welcome my good bud @JohnTravolta to @instagram. We had a blast making BE COOL together. I was just starting out my acting career and not sure what the future held for me in Hollywood – but I did know I had an opportunity play a character written by the great novelist, Elmore Leonard and act opposite Travolta and Uma Thurman. I wasn’t passing that shot up. In this impromptu audition for John and Uma’s characters, My character’s performing his favorite monologue, from his favorite movie – BRING IT ON. For the record, me and John belly laughed more than a few times and fu*ked the takes up. Welcome to the ‘Gram dude!”

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