Dwayne Johnson To Star In Super Mario Film Adaptation


Dwayne The Rock Johnson decided to hold an “ask me anything,” session or simply AMA on popular internet forum Reddit. As it’s customary he put photo evidence on his social network accounts and the questions could start. But Johnson was interrupted by his agent and had to leave. In the process, he offered exclusive news. If he’s to be trusted, and we all know how reliable The Rock is he will feature in Super Mario movie adaptation.

At first Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star posted that he’s there and ready to answer questions from Redditors, but he quickly edited his post and wrote: ”EDIT!!!!!!!!!: Aw s***, just got a call from my agent. Just got cast in the upcoming live-action Mario’s Time Machine adaptation. I’m afraid I don’t have time to wait for your questions anymore, but I’ll give you all the answers anyway, just make sure to reply to them with your questions.”

What followed was classic Dwayne Johnson. He left the front side of the internet but left various and random answers that had no sense whatsoever. Reddit users then asked the question, and by a system of upvoting, the inquiries with most upvotes (likes) got to the top. That way it seemed that People’s Champ gave some stupid answers to some crazy questions. You can check out Reddit thread left by Johnson if you click here.

But, what we want to ask is there any truth in him being cast in the upcoming Super Mario movie. According to Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has plans to create this film in cooperation with Illumination Entertainment. What we know so far is that this project is in early stages of development. Both companies need to make sure that this film is a success because the last time someone made a Super Mario adaptation it was a disaster. The game-to-movies projects also have a high rate of failure.

To pick Dwayne The Rock Johnson as the lead role would be the step in the right direction for this film. In the mid-time check out the trailer for his upcoming Rampage movie.