Dwayne Johnson Surprised about Kurt Angle’s WWE Comeback; Could The Rock Come Back Too?

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Kurt Angle returned to the WWE industry after 11 years and shocked not just the fans, but also the other wrestlers and the media. One other person who was also surprised is the former WWE star and current Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson. The Rock wants nothing but the best for his colleague, and he offered him his support via Twitter:

“Congrats to my good bud @RealKurtAngle and his return tonight to a @WWE ring. Special athlete and great human being. Have FUN brotha #WWETLC”

Kurt Angle said that a clean physical exam was the only thing which kept him away from the WWE. He suffered so many injuries and had numerous concussions in his career that the company wanted him to be safe and only used him in special situations.

Roman Reigns is ill, whereas WWE has a duty to reconcile the Fake News Shield. Because of that something unexpected and crazy had to be done, and bringing Angle, 48, is the right choice for the sport. We are asking you whether Angle’s return is going to spark Dwayne Johnson’s big comeback to the ring. Judging by Triple H, The Rock is not going to be outside the WWE ring for too long.

“Do you know the one thing about The Rock is that he’s in Hollywood, he’s making movies, and doing a million different things, but in his heart, he’s still WWE. And if you’re a fan of his, don’t ever think differently because I know how he is,” Triple H assured.

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According to the popular wrestler’s conviction, even though Johnson loves Hollywood and his new business, his roots are in wrestling, and that’s what launched him into superstars.

“He can make all the movies he wants, do all the projects he wants, as can I, but there is nothing in the world like standing in front of the WWE Universe and have that whether it’s 5,000 or 100,000, just going crazy, and knowing that you have those emotions in the palm of your hand, and can control that. There’s no feeling in the world like that. And I think that’s just who he is,” concluded Triple H.