Dwayne Johnson sings Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “You’re Welcome” and it sounds awesome!


The latest Disney animated movie “Moana” is at the peak of interest now, as it is due in theaters very soon. Every once and a while the cast of the movie makes us happy with a new clip showing just how much fun they are having. This time Dwayne wants us to now just how good his singing is, and let me tell you it’s really good.

Apparently the latest clip from Disney’s “Moana” is featuring Dwayne Johnson singing “You’re Welcome” written by Tony Award Winner and the creator of “Hamilton” Lin-Manuel Miranda. We found the clip of Dwayne singing posted on his Instagram account on Monday with a title “We just doin’ a little sanging over here or as we say in the streets, ‘I’m spittin’ that fire bruh!’ A blast collaborating with the musical genius himself and my Puerto Rican twin Lin-Manuel Miranda. Too much fun! #YoureWelcome #MoanaMondays”.

Another clip from Disney was released on Monday and in that clip, the lead character Moana, voiced by Hawaiian actress Auli’i Cravalho, meets the Polynesian God (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) for the first time. From this short video, you can tell that they will have issues together, but that is what makes a good comedy. Put two totally different people together and send them on a journey, stand back and laugh at their pain, in the beginning at least. The “Moana” story revolves around a young girl who is trying to prove to her people that she can become a master wayfinder, and she sets on her “life” journey with Maui (Johnson) to find the mystical island and herself on the way there.

The cast of this latest Disney success also consists of names like Alan Tudyk and Phillipa Soo, while Ron Clements and John Musker co-directed. They also worked on the screenplay together with Taika Waititi, Jared Bush and Pamela Ribbon. John Lasseter executive produced with Osnat Shurer producing. “Moana” is due in theaters on November 23rd, and until then feel free to look at both clips and enjoy!