As incredible as it may sound to some people, American well-known actor, and former wrestler Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, has recently announced that politics is also on the list of careers he would like to pursue in not so distant future.

Namely, according to British GQ, Johnson is only toying with this idea at the moment. Nevertheless, he has admitted that such a vocation sounds “alluring” to him, especially because it would make it possible for him to “make a real impact on people’s lives on a global scale.” However, he has also emphasized that there are other priorities in his life so the politics excursion might be postponed for some time.

As a child, Johnson spent some time living with his mother’s family in New Zealand, but eventually he has made his home in Florida, which is an important state when it comes to presidential elections. Over the course of time, he has also become one of the most likable American celebrities, Q Scores Company suggests.

However, he has no previous experience in politics, so it would be necessary for him to run for something else before running for the President of the United States. Should he decide to do so, he has enough time (until June 24) to become one of the candidates competing in the race for the Senate seat in Florida and perhaps he can even be the one who stops Marco Rubio from winning back his old seat.

Bearing in mind the recent state of affairs in American politics, from now on we should be prepared even for the least likely turn of events and not be surprised if the former reality television star and wrestler actually take on the leadership role and become a president one day.


  1. Isn’t Dwayne Johnson a Conservative? I always thought he was. He’d have to run as an Independent unless he wants to switch parties to the Intolerant Democrat Party. I really hope he wouldn’t do that. The Democrat Party needs to die off. Eventually maybe the Republican Party as well since everyone is so divided.


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