The premiere of Baywatch is near and it appears that the crew is still shooting some scenes since Dwayne Johnson has been spotted on the streets of Los Angeles playing with a gigantic beach ball. It seemed as if The Rock really had fun jiggling the massive inflatable ball, while the passers-by were thrilled to see the popular movie star and they didn’t miss a chance to take a photo.

The Rock looked casual with a pair of swimming shorts, black bodywarmer and flip flops as he was drawing attention to the beautiful Venice area. However, he was not alone and he was accompanied by Samantha Hoopes who looked like his Baywatch co-star Kelly Rohrback who will play CJ Parker in the remake of the iconic TV series.

The viewers have definitely remembered CJ Parker as it was a character that made Pamela Anderson famous, but we still can’t wait to see Kelly playing the same role. Speaking of Kelly Rohrback, she put her red swimsuit on in October in order to shoot some extra scenes at the beach.

In the meantime, the former WWE star spoke in a Q&A session and he said that if his 15-year-old daughter was to date someone, he would “squeeze the life” out of him. He put it like this: “If Simone came to me and was like, “Listen, Dad, I’m dating someone.” I’d be like “OK cool, well bring him in.”

He continued jokingly: “Then he comes in, “Hello, what’s your name?” “Hi, my name is…” [interrupts the conversation] Right there. What that is, is the throat I’m grabbing, that means I’m choking the life out of this boy, and then he goes down. Simone’s not in the room right now because she was escorted out. You’re fighting for your life. Stay down there. And that’s how I would react.”