Dwayne Johnson Is At No.1 On The Social Media-Driven Chart


There is the first installment of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Actors chart and guess who claims the top spot? That is right, it is Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and it is just after a not-so-successful debut of his movie Baywatch.

The chart ranks the most popular actors based on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Google Plus and the data is provided by social media analytics company MVPindex. They followed social engagement together with the weekly additions of followers or subscribers. The top three celebrities all starred in Baywatch which premiered on May 25 in the US.

Here is the entire list:

10. Lucy Hale


Lucy Hale posted a photo in which we can see her with the new temporary pixie haircut and just because of that she earned 65,000 new followers and 5 million favorites. “When @kristin_ess [stylist Kristin Ess] knows how to fake an even shorter haircut on you and now you want to actually do it,” she wrote. “One day …”

9. Kevin Hart


8. Ashley Benson


7. Hugh Jackman


6. Jennifer Lopez


5. Vin Diesel


4. Shay Mitchell


3. Zac Efron


2. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is best known in Indian cinema, but she is taking her time in the US where she has just made her live-action Hollywood debut in the movie Baywatch. She is popular on social media, putting her on the second spot of our list.


1. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s new movie and him talking about it all the time lead to an 8 percent increase in Instagram favorites and 11 percent rise in Twitter likes, says MVPindex. Johnson also hosted NBC’s Saturday Night Live for the fifth time, and he joined Tom Hanks who also hosted the show five times or more. The Rock thanked Hanks, and he mentioned that the duo will run for president and vice president of the USA in 2024.