Dwayne Johnson is trying to redefine athletic competitions with The Titan Games


The new future most epic and insane athletic competition out there will be The Titan Games. Everyday people from all around are gearing up to take part in this new reality series.

This contest is hosted by Dwayne Johnson himself, and the contestants are going to go through some tough trials that ultimately lead to one woman and one man being crowned Titan Champions. The contestants are going to push their bodies to the limit, and try to conquer the intricate physical and emotional demands of each challenge.

The show is going to air on NBC in January 2019, the commentators on the show will be NBC Sports host Liam McHugh and esports announcer Alex Mendez, and the filed reporter will be sports broadcaster Cari Champion.


Dwayne said that he wants this show to redefine what an athletic competition can be and that this is going to be the most inspiring show on TV.

There will be many different contestants, a teacher, firefighter and a dentist among them, and they will be all fighting for the Titan title.