Dwayne Johnson as an inspiration for emoji


We should all be very careful when it comes to the Internet and online posting. Nowadays, anything can be retrieved from the past, hitting us like a boomerang. And as we all know, Google is a big shortcut towards anything we want to find out in a short amount of time. Not even celebrities can escape this reality, and this week the target was precisely Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock.

It all started with the first trailer for the Jumanji remake which came out yesterday. It was Olly Gibbs, a designer at Empire Magazine, who first noticed that this is not Dwayne’s first time to appear in a movie under the name Welcome to the Jungle, as The Rundown from 2003 had several names. Gibbs decided to post this observation on his Twitter account tagging @The Rock.

During their Twitter posts exchange, Rock told Gibbs not to use a feminine emoji with an arched eyebrow, and index-thumb placed on the chin, emoji that depicts the face of someone being in deep thoughts about something. Or someone who is thinking about what his next meal is going to be. There are many ways in which we could interpret it. But the way Gibbs replied to John’s post was absolutely hilarious. He found a photo of Johnson being in the exact same position and having the exact facial expression as the emoji Dwayne had previously mentioned. Even Dwayne’s eyebrow was lifted in the same way.


Taking into consideration that this photo of Johnson was taken a long time ago, judging by his young face, it makes everyone wonder if it was The Rock who served as an inspiration for creating this emoji. It would actually come as no surprise. When it comes to the similarity between the two, it is as if the emoji is carrying Dwayne’s face.