Dwayne Johnson Hits The Gym With Nick Santonastasso Guy Born Missing Both Legs And One Arm


We know that there are many celebrities that are acting like they are out of this world and not interested in what is happening around them, but Dwayne Johnson is completely different, and this is yet another proof that Dwayne Johnson is a great guy.

The video that we have here is from Nick Santonastasso that spoken about The Rock and how they met. It all happened spontaneously as he and his crew went to the gym and one of his friends spotted Dwayne working hard like he always does. Nick said that he doesn’t want to bother the big man and if he is a good guy in real life like he presents himself they will easily connect.

Nick was pretty sure that Dwayne would approach him and his friends, so he continued working out. In one moment bodyguard came and said that The Rock would like to meet him personally, and of course, Nick agreed to that. Not to go into too much of details, here is the video so check out what this guy said about the whole situation.

If we take a look at the statistics, it is incredible that Nick Santonastasso is alive. In one of his YouTube posts “My Life Story” this guy talked about his condition saying that he was born with Hanhart syndrome. He continued by adding that only 12 people were born with this syndrome and “8 of them are dead.”

It is incredible to see a guy missing his right arm, having left arm with only one finger and without both legs hitting the gym. This 20-year-old is one of the most inspiring people, and we admire him for not giving up and deciding to live life to the fullest.

We could notice that, pretty much all the time, Nick has a grin on his face or a painful facial expression, but that is from working out and hitting the gym really hard. When you are in a situation like he is, it can be pretty hard to choose the right exercise for the muscles he does have. We can see many of his video where he gets creative during the training.


Santonastasso became famous for his zombie prank, especially the one where he scares Norman Reedus one of the lead actors of Walking Dead. Currently, he is doing a lot of motivational speaking and working out.

Two guys like Dwayne and Nick met in the gym and certainly motivated each other to push even harder. Seeing things like this we still think that there is hope for this world. We need more people like these two.