Dwayne Johnson Eyes $20 million for Red Notice


Even though he already has enough on his plate, Dwayne Johnson is about to add another movie to the list of projects he takes part in – the action thriller Red Notice. But, what’s even more fascinating is that he is expected to receive as much as $20 million (or even more) for his part in that film.

Namely, Red Notice is supposed to bring The Rock and Rawson Marshall Thurber back together, after their collaboration on Johnson’s upcoming movie Skyscraper (Thurber directed this movie and wrote the script for it, while Johnson, apart from playing the main role, was one of the producers). It is still too soon to talk about the plot of Red Notice, as no details have been revealed yet.

What we do know is that the project has become the focus of one of the biggest bidding wars ever between companies like Legendary, New Line, Paramount, Sony, and Universal. Plus, there’s Beau Flynn, who is also said to be on board to produce the upcoming release, together with Dany Garcia and Hiram Garcia, his Seven Bucks Productions partners, and The Rock himself.


As for the storyline of Red Notice, what has been revealed is that the title itself refers to the arrest of Interpol’s most wanted criminals. Johnson will be trusted with the part of an Interpol officer, but we still don’t know who other cast members will be.

To go back to those eye-watering numbers – not only is The Rock likely to get up to $25 million payday for the Red Notice movie, but the project alone is expected to come with a budget of up to $150 million. Should Thurber write and direct the film, he will probably be paid around $10 million.


That’s all we know about Red Notice for the time being, but follow us for more details. Stay tuned, and we promise you’ll be the first in line to hear the latest news about this huge project.