As if Dwayne Johnson doesn’t work enough! He is known as one of the best actors in Hollywood, and you should never underestimate him, because if he says he will do something – hi will do that. However, sometimes, we don’t know what The Rock is cookin’ and his fans from WWE days could have never assumed that he was going to sing in a hit Disney movie one day. But hey, that happened.

As you can see, Johnson is full of surprises, and we can expect anything from him. Now, he has become an advertising agency founder, besides being a Hollywood actor, a former WWE superstar, a former football player, the second-highest paid man in the movie business and the most handsome man on the planet. To name a few ‘titles.’

Dwayne is not a stranger to brand work – remember Project Rock? He also developed the co-branded Under Armour lifestyle line with Droga5 and WME, plus there is his campaign with Siri. His ad agency will be called Seven Bucks Creative, and now, he is getting directly involved in the business.

AdAge reports that Johnson is a founder of the company, whereas his manager Dany Garcia is the co-founder. Chief marketing officer Chet Gulland, who is a former head of strategy at Droga5 is going to lead Seven Bucks Creative.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson surprised us with this move since he is currently working on the movie called Rampage. But before this film based on the 80’ arcade game is premiered we are going to see Dwayne in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” which hits theaters several days before Christmas. Also, the actor is known for his TV Show Ballers, plus there is speculation that he may run for President in 2023. If he can be a successful owner of his newly-established ad agency, he can definitely run the country, don’t you think so?