Although Dwayne Johnson is working hard on several projects at the moment, he managed to find some time for his daughter Jasmine. On Halloween, he dressed as Pikachu and danced in front of her in order to entertain her. However, when he stopped dancing and withdrew to the other room, the baby Jasmine cried and demanded more.

The famous actor and the former WWE star posted a video on Instagram. He wrote: “Pikachu is baby Jasmine’s FAVORITE character. So, for Halloween me and @laurenhashianofficial decided the real life Pikachu was gonna come to the house for a visit,” the wrestler-turned-actor wrote. “What Pikachu didn’t know was that Jazzy would start crying when he stopped dancing and demanded he continue to shake his tail with a loud ‘EH!.’ So, Pikachu danced over.. and over.. and over.. and over… and over.. again.”

The video clearly shows that his daughter is enjoying herself and that she is not afraid of the giant Pikachu at all. Dwayne Johnson went to another room to take a short break when he put off his head of the costume he said:”Whew. What daddies do.”