Since it is Beau Flynn’s birthday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson decided to make a heartfelt post on social media, in order to celebrate it and stated that Flynn is “one of the most successful” filmmakers in the USA!

This nicely put birthday card is mostly because Flynn and Johnson have a history together. They work on movies including San Andreas, Hercules and Baywatch and that is what gives Dwayne the right to state something like this. But he isn’t wrong you know. Thanks to his previous and latest works Flynn actually became one of the most sought out men when it comes to movie producers.

To confirm just that Dwayne posted a pic of him with Beau, on his Instagram account, from the set of the 2014 action film in which he played the role of son of Zeus and added the caption to the picture saying “TBT from the massive destroyed set of #HERCULES in Budapest and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my producing partner Beau Flynn of @flynnpictureco. We made a pact years ago to build a big business and make global movies that impact and entertain audiences around the world. From JOURNEY 2: MYSTERIOUS ISLAND to HERCULES to SAN ANDREAS to BAYWATCH to RAMPAGE to SKYSCRAPER to many more big ones we’re developing and announcing soon. Beau’s one of the most successful and sought after producers in Hollywood.”

But Dwayne did not stop on this, he said that Beau’s “film-making acumen, storytelling and killer instinct” combined with “class, poise and integrity,” which are according to Dwayne very “rare combo,” make him an “A-list producer.” He continued “As an A-list producer he brings additive value to every studio partnership with his film-making acumen, storytelling and killer instinct. But what sets him apart from the pack is he achieves global success with class, poise and integrity. Very rare combo in our business. He’s a good man who puts in the hard work daily to take care of his family and serve our global audience. Bottom line: he’s an a**hole, but it’s his birthday and I gotta play nice. #HappyBirthdayBeau #FlynnPicturesCo #SevenBucksProds #SendThePeopleHomeHappy”


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