Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks determined to be the part of the next USA elections

Source: moviefone.com

And Dwayne Johnson continues to warm up things regarding his candidacy for the USA President. But that’s not all that Johnson has prepared for us. No matter how thrilled you feel about his decision to start this race, you are going to be even more excited upon hearing whom Dwayne has chosen as his running mate.

Johnson was once again asked to host Saturday Night Live. On the scene was accompanied by Alec Baldwin, who gave him a “five timers” jacket to Dwayne’s great pleasure. After receiving the jacket, Johnson took a moment to mention the recent rumors:

“A lot of people have been telling me that I should run for President,” Johnson said, and then he added: “Starting tonight, I’m running for President of the United States.”

Of course, the audience was beyond excited upon hearing the information. On the other hand, just when he hoped that Johnson is going to pick him up as his VP, he faced great disappointment. Johnson’s choice was no more no less than Tom Hanks himself. Hanks also climbed on the scene wearing a “five timers” jacket.

“Dwayne, I could not possibly … turn this down!” Hanks said enthusiastically.

From this moment, everyone started to truly believe their words.

“In the past I never would’ve run for President, I was worried I wasn’t qualified,” Johnson said. “But the truth is, now, I think I’m a little too qualified.”

The two of them even presented their campaigns in order to show the audience how it would look like if they were presidents of the USA.

“I would get the senior vote, because I fought in World War II in 10 different movies,” Hanks stated.

Johnson continued: “And I would get the minority vote, because everyone just kind of assumes I’m, well, whatever they are.”

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And just when we thought that it was really happening, Johnson calmed the things down:

“But listen America, don’t get too excited, Tom and I are merely joking,” The Rock said, getting very serious at that moment. “When it comes to politics, we need more poise and less noise. Americans deserve strong, capable leaders, leaders who care about this country and care about its people.”

Upon saying these words, Dwayne actually sounded like President more than ever before.

“Uh, Dwayne, that kinda sounds like you and me,” Hanks stated. “I guess we gotta do it! Let’s go! We’re doing it!”

And when the show ended, the two of them got out on the stage again shouting: “Remember America, Johnson/Hanks in 2023!”

We are yet to see whether this is all one grand joke or things are getting serious around here.