Dwayne Johnson And Skyscraper Crew In Action Movie Quiz – Hillarious


If you are in showbiz, one of the biggest industries today, you definitely want your work to be seen by as many people possible. One of the guys that managed to master the art of promotions is Dwayne Johnson, and he recently took an action movie challenge quiz with his crew from Skyscraper, Neve Campbell, McKenna Roberts and Noah Cottrell.

They were guests of Fine Brothers Entertainment channel and had a chance to show their knowledge of action movies in a Guess That Movie Challenge. On one side were Neve Campbell and McKenna Roberts while Dwayne and Noah Cottrell were on other. FBE team showed only a second of the film, and their goal is to guess which movie was that, if they don’t get it right, more of the scene would be played.

Anyway, just like always, Johnson did everything in his power to make this as hilarious as possible. On the other hand, he is a gentleman, thus allowing others to buzz in first and give a try. Well, maybe not always, but he certainly did try to help them get as many points as possible. Dwayne knew pretty much all answers almost immediately and waited for others few times. You will see in the video.

Many big names in Hollywood struggle with social media networks and YouTube, but Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle star is just fantastic when it comes to that segment. He even started his own channel on the biggest video sharing platform, and you can see many great videos there, including various sketches and vlogs.

Fine Brothers Entertainment was created by Benny and Rafi Fine and they often host celebrities and biggest names in the industry. We could see James Franco, Tony Hawk, Nick Cannon, Seth Rogen and many more. This helped them to reach 17.4 million subscribers on their main channel and about 9.5 million they have on the React channel.